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Curious about what subscribed means on Snapchat? In this article, we will discuss why your Snapchat friends have subscription buttons on their profiles, and how to get a subscription button on your profile. Also, how do Snapchat subscriptions work?

The subscribed section on Snapchat is usually referred to famous people and publications. People like to follow celebrities, influencers, or brands they find interesting.

By subscribing to someone, you get updates whenever they make new posts. Moreover, you get to view their content, such as stories, and they will continue appearing in your feed, despite the two of you are not friends.

Recently, many users reported they noticed a subscribed button on their friends’ profiles on Snapchat. Now, this has made them wonder how their friends got this and if it is possible for them too. 

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What Subscribe Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat stories are divided into two categories. The first one is for your Friends and the other one is for the Profiles you have Subscribed. Here, you get to watch the stories of the Subscribed people. 

Snapchat subscriptions are people you follow to get access to watch the content they create and post. If you have not subscribed to anyone, you will see no one in the section. 

How does “Subscribed” Mean different from “Add” On Snapchat?

As mentioned, Snapchat subscribe is the section for the people you follow to view their content. These accounts differ much more from the normal Snapchat account as they are usually more corporate. in most cases, subscribed accounts don’t have any messaging features. So, you might not be able to send any messages to them. 

However, normal Snapchat accounts have add buttons that allow you to send friend requests to become friends with someone. Unlike Subscribed accounts, you can share snaps and messages and have conversations with your friends whenever you want to. 

How To Subscribe on Snapchat?

Though the process is quick and free, you can easily subscribe to someone on Snapchat just like you subscribe to creators on YouTube or follow a Twitch streamer. 

To subscribe to someone on Snapchat, you need to find their account. You can do so using the Discover feed or the magnifying glass icon in the upper left to find an account by name. 

Once you have found their Profile, tap the Subscribe button next to their name in the search results.

Or you can go to the account profile page and press the subscribe button appearing below the profile name. 

How To Unsubscribe on Snapchat?

To unsubscribe from a Snapchat account, locate their profile by following the steps mentioned. Now tap the Unsubscribe button appearing there. 

When you unsubscribe someone on Snapchat, their content will no longer appear on your homepage. You have access to their profile as long as you have subscribed to their account.

Once you unsubscribed, you will be removed from their subscribers’ list, and you will lose your access to their stories and other content. 

How To Get Subscribe Button on Your Profile?

Snapchat has set some requirements you must fulfill in order to get a subscribe button on your profile. 

To obtain the Subscribe button, you need to become a Creator on Snapchat. You can switch your profile to a Creator in two ways:

Create Snapchat Lenses To Get Subscribed

The first method to get a Snapchat creator account is to design unique lenses on the platform. As Snapchat always looks for unique and interesting lenses that help people create cool snaps. So, you can get a Creator profile and the subscribe button using this. 

Create A lot of Content

Many people use their ideas to create original and inspiring content for others to use them too. Snapchat rewards them if their content is fascinating enough to engage users with their profile. 

Snapchat subscriptions are a great way to gain audiences and connect to creators by providing some useful content to others. You can use the subscription feature on Snapchat and build a community if your content is really far much great to attract people. 

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