What Does @Silent Mean on Instagram Direct Messages?

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Instagram has been rolling out several new features from time to time to provide a great user experience, increase engagement, and make the platform much better than others. Here, We will show you what does this silent mean on Instagram DM.

Recently, Instagram added another exciting feature, “@silent” on Instagram Direct Messages that are really useful and fun to use. 

So, we will be discussing in this article what does this silent mean on Instagram DM, what are its benefits, and how to use it? 

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@Silent feature on Instagram DM Explained

As the name suggests, the @Silent feature on Instagram DM lets you send messages without notifying the receiver. 

However, this @Silent feature might be available only in some regions as Instagram has recently started to test this feature. 

How to Know if Someone has @Silent feature on their Instagram DM?

You can check if your Instagram DM has the @silent feature using this simple method. 

All you have to do is open a chat with your friend on Instagram DM and type “@”. If any message appears at the top saying “Send message without a notification” with a silent icon next to the words, means you can use this new feature. 

How to Use @Silent feature On Instagram Direct Messages?

Instagram came up with this new feature to give users a different messaging system. Many of us get irritated after continuously hearing the same message notification sound. So, to solve this problem, you can use the silent feature that allows you to send your messages without any notification.  

Here’s how you can use it.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app and open a chat with whom you wish to send a silent message. 

Step 2: Before sending your message, you need to type “@silent”. Then jump to a new line, type your message, and send it.

Image Credit: Howtotipsntricks

For Instance:


Hey! howtotechpanda, what’s going on?

The message will reach to the user along with a silent tag. But they won’t get any notification. To read your new silent message, they would have to go to the DMs, and your message will appear as usual. 

If you want to send all of your messages silently, you need to use the silent tag in each of your messages. 

Image Credit: Howtotipsntricks
Image Credit: Howtotipsntricks

Is the @silent feature on Instagram DM useful?

It depends on the users themselves. It may not make any difference for some people, but it can be helpful for others who often get disturbed by their Instagram message notifications.

 You can use the silent mode feature if you think your message is not urgent and it can wait for some time. 

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