What Does “CTFU” Mean On Snapchat?

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Snapchat uses several ways to make its platform unique and more engaging than others. They follow different acronyms to give meanings to such things that we might not be able to express through words. While texting your Snapchat friends, you might have noticed Snapchat recommending terms like “CTFU.”

If you aren’t familiar with such terms or acronyms, you won’t be able to understand what others are saying. However, it’s crucial to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. If you are also looking for, What Does “CTFU” Mean On Snapchat, your searches end here. 

This article aims to provide you with all the details you need to know about “CTFU.” You will soon get acquainted with the term and use it in your daily conversation. 

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What Does “CTFU” Mean On Snapchat?

“CTFU” stands for “Cracking the F**k Up”. The term is used to explain when someone is laughing harder at something and finds it impossible to stop themselves. When someone is laughing so hard and end up crying, they can use “CTFU” to express the situation to others. 

It is one of the famous terms that is being used widely over all social media. “CTFU” came into the highlight around 2009 and has been popularly used. It is used on Snapchat to refer to things as funny or stupid. 

Who Can Use “CTFU” On Snapchat?

The term “CTFU” is used commonly among young people. However, there’s no specific age limit and anyone can use it if they share a close relationship and such things are normal between you two. Yet it is an informal term that means you can’t use it everywhere. You’ll have to be careful and pick the right moment before you add it to your conversation. 

How You Can Use “CTFU” On Snapchat?

We have covered below a few examples of how you can use “CTFU” while chatting with your friends on Snapchat:

Case 1: When You Want to Express Sudden Hard Laughter

When you find something funny or stupid and you start laughing because of that, you can use “CTFU.” It helps you express your uncontrollable laugh to someone and helps them understand your opinion about the same. 

Case 2: When You Don’t Want to Use “LOL”

There was a time when “LOL” was over-the-top of all other slang terms. As time passed so did its popularity and now only a few people add this while chatting with their friends. If you’ve got bored using “LOL” or “Laugh Out Loud”, you can go for “CTFU” as it helps you express the same hard laughing situations to your friends.

Wrap Up

 So, this was all about what does “CTFU” mean on Snapchat. We covered the following topics in our article:

  • What Does “CTFU” Mean On Snapchat?
  • Who Can Use “CTFU” On Snapchat?
  • How You Can Use “CTFU” On Snapchat?
  • Case 1: When You Want to Express Sudden Hard Laughter
  • Case 2: When You Don’t Want to Use “LOL”

Snapchat uses acronyms and slang terms to help its users to have more fun and excitement. If you love following up with the latest trends or terms, you can try “CTFU” to make your chats interesting.

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