How To Use Instagram Notes Feature In 2022 (Solved)

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After a long testing time, Instagram has now finally come up with its new Instagram Notes Feature. It is a 60-character text that appears next to the user’s profile on the top of their Direct Messages (DMs) screen. You can now use Instagram notes feature to make all your short announcements to your followers.

It is a more direct way of reaching your followers and connecting to them. In this article, we will share How To Use Instagram Notes Feature, especially if you are a newbie and don’t know anything about Instagram Notes.

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What Is Instagram Notes Feature?

Instagram Notes Feature is more similar to a disappearing message where it gets automatically removed after completing 24 hours. Users get the limit of a maximum of 60 words they can put on each note and send it directly to all of their friends and followers. The receiver can reply, like, comment, and share it with others. 

Earlier, a similar feature was introduced on other social media, including WhatsApp, where you can send messages to someone with a single viewing mode enabled. Now, Instagram has also added to its platform to improve users’ experience. 

How To Use Instagram Notes Feature?

Instagram Notes Feature is new to the platform. You might need to update the app before you can access it. Go to your Play Store or App Store and check if there’s an update for you. Once you have done it, follow the guide. 

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your device and login to your account. 

Step 2: Tap the Direct Message (DM) icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: You will now see the Instagram Notes appearing at the top of direct messaging screen of the app. 

Step 4: Tap “Leave a note” option.

Step 5: Now enter a short message you want to send to your friends or followers. Then Press OK

Congratulations! You have now successfully sent your first official Notes to your Instagram friends. You can repeat the same to send more notes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Instagram Notes?

To use Instagram Notes, first, you need to update your app. Then go to your Direct Messages (DM) screen and you will find it appearing on top of the screen. Click on leaves a note and enter the message you want to send to your followers. When you are done, Tap OK.

What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes is a new feature that allows users to send short messages to their friends or followers. The maximum word limit one can write per note is about 60 words only. It gets removed after reaching 24 hours. 

What is the word limit of Instagram Notes?

Instagram has set the limit of 60 characters for each Instagram Notes. You can’t post them if your words exceed the given limit. So, you must write short and quick-to-read messages because of the same.

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