How to Unrestrict Someone on Instagram 2022

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Instagram has this feature that lets you restrict someone in many ways. Putting Restrictions on other users prevents them from knowing if you are online or when you read their messages.

A restricted account’s comments on your posts are visible only to that user and can’t appear until you approve them.

Like Facebook and WhatsApp, you can Unrestrict an account anytime you wish on Instagram. Now Unrestricting an account will remove all the restrictions.

So, in this article, we’ll see how you can Unrestrict Someone on Instagram.

How to Unrestrict Someone on Instagram 

 There are various methods to unrestrict a user.

  1. App Settings

Step 1: Launch the Instagram App and reach your profile by tapping the profile-picture icon in the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: Tap the three-bar menu in the top-right.

Step 3: Tap Settings.

Step 4: Tap Privacy.

Step 5: Choose Restricted accounts below the Connections section.

Step 6: Tap on the Continue button. This will be shown when you are Opening the Restricted accounts settings for the first time.

Step 7: Tap the Unrestrict next to the user’s name to unrestrict them.

2.Their Profile

Step 1: Launch the Instagram App and locate the user account that you want to unrestrict. You can do so by looking for their username using the search option or by tapping the person’s username on your Feed or Story.

Step 2: Tap the three dots in the top-right of their profile.

Step 3: Tap Unrestrict

3. Chats

You can only use this method to unrestrict a person using chat if you previously have had a conversation with them.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram App and open the chat box by tapping the chat icon in the top-right.

Step 2: Go to the Message Requests tab and open the chat with the person you want to unrestrict.

Step 3: Tap Unrestrict availableat the bottom of the chat.

Alternatively, you can also Unrestrict them by tapping the user’s name at the top and then selecting unrestrict.

It will automatically move their chats back from message requests to Primary messages in your inbox.


You can only Unrestrict the person using this method if they have commented on your posts.

Step 1: Tap your Post and open the comments.

Step 2: For iPhone devices, swipe left over the comment of the person you want to unrestrict. For Android, Long- press the comment.

Step 3: Then tap the info icon and select Unrestrict (username).

You can use any of the methods explained above to unrestrict someone on Instagram according to your convenience.

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