How to Turn ON Hand and Face Effects On Instagram

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Many users have reported the issue of not being able to use filters and effects properly on the Instagram app. As per new changes, users are required to enable Hand and Face Effect in Instagram settings to use it.

Instagram effects were disabled earlier in some parts of the United States (Texas & Illinois) as they were violating the law by using facial recognition technology. As per the regulations, no one is allowed to use and store biometric details except the government. 

However, the suspensions were removed a few weeks later. Users need to give permission to use filters and effects on Instagram. As per other reports, Instagram users are having issues with Instagram filters and Effects and are continuously viewing an error “This effect is not available in your location”.

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So, you’ll learn in this article how to turn on Hand and Face Effects on Instagram to use filters.

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How to Turn ON Hand and Face Effects On Instagram

This method works for both iPhone & Android users. 

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app.

 Step 2: Go to your Profile page by tapping your Profile Icon.

Step 3: Tap the Hamburger or three-bar menu icon.

Step 4: Tap Settings.

Step 5: Select Privacy.

Step 6: Scroll down to Data permissions and then tap Face and Hand Effects.

Step 7: Click the toggle icon next to Turn on the face and hand effects.

That’s it. The Filters and Effects on Instagram will now work smoothly without any interruptions.   

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