How to Turn Off Instagram Notes | How to Use It 2022

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Instagram recently came up with its new feature called Instagram Notes. Since then, the platform has become a hot topic of discussion where everyone is just talking about it. This new feature of Instagram received quite a massive response from the audience. Some of them got crazy and loved it while others just expressed their disagreement and referred to it as ‘annoying.’ In no time, the search engines were overflooding and users got desperate to know How to Turn Off Instagram Notes.

However, Instagram Notes was first introduced in June 2022 in some regions only, where a few selected users had access. And since then, Instagram was postponing the time to release the feature until now. 

This feature allows its users to send messages with friends or followers with a 60 characters limit on each. Users will probably need to update their Instagram app as it is available on the latest version only. Hence, several people aren’t satisfied with the Notes and have queries regarding them. This article aims to answer all the related questions and give you a brief detail.

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How To Turn OFF Instagram Notes?

Sadly, Instagram has not added any option yet to turn off Instagram Notes. Once you have this feature on your account, you might not be able to turn it off. The platform is expected to add such options soon so users can decide whether to keep it or not. 

However, there’s an indirect way to get rid of Instagram notes. You’ll have to install the older version of Instagram app and use it until the turn off option gets available on the latest one. For now, this is the only thing you can do to remove these Notes. 

What Is Notes Feature On Instagram?

Instagram Notes lets you send short messages directly to your friends or followers. Here, you can select to whom you want to share it by creating a close friend or followers list. They will get automatically deleted after completing 24 hours. 

To access this new feature, update your Instagram app and then head to your direct messages (DM) tab. You will notice them on the top of your screen with the text “Leaves a Note.” Users get the maximum limit of writing up to 60 words only on each. Once you create your note, tap the send button and it will reach all of your selected followers. 

The receiver can reply to you, like, share and comment on it. Your notes will be expired after 24 hours. Also, you don’t get any notification for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Turn Off Instagram Notes ?

Users can’t turn off Instagram Notes. To get rid of Notes, they can install the previous version of Instagram app or choose not to update to the latest version to avoid it.

Who Can Use Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes is now globally released for all users. First, you need to update your app if you haven’t yet and then navigate to your DMs screen. You will get it there with a text written ‘Leaves a Note.’

What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes are a short messaging feature where you can send it directly to all of your followers with a single tap. You must update your app to get access to it. 

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