Travel Filter On Snapchat | Create Snaps of Destinations RN!

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Snapchat has launched a new amazing feature for its users known as Travel Filter. Using the travel filter, you can turn your traveling photos into beautifully animated snaps and get even more stunning results. Everyone loves traveling to new places. But now you can make those memories everlasting as you’ll be getting this new exclusive Travel Filter On Snapchat

We have covered in this article all the details of the filter. If you don’t know how to use it, you are just in the right place. Below is a step-by-step guide including all the latest information about the feature. 

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Everything About Travel Filter On Snapchat

Travel Filter on Snapchat is relatively new for users. However, it was first introduced to test where only a limited number of people were able to access it. But the feature is now officially released and available for all the users on Snapchat. It is also known as the geo-filter on the platform. 

The travel filter comes with a location-based feature that lets you add the name of the place you visited. The feature is rumored to be monetized with time. However, there’s no official news from Snapchat yet. For now, anyone can easily access the feature without paying anything. 

People who love adding location to their pictures can now have some great advantages. Snapchat will now let you create your original Geofilter and share them with friends. But you may need to go visit the right place if you want to view it. The travel filter is indeed fun and cool to use. All you need to do is just take your snap and swipe right before you send it to your friends. 

How To Use Travel Filter On Snapchat?

Follow the guide below to use travel filter on Snapchat:

Note: The feature is new on the platform. You might need to update your Snapchat app from Play Store or App Store before you can access it on your account. 

Step 1: Launch Snapchat on your device and login to your account (if you aren’t). 

Step 2: Navigate to your System Settings.

Step 3: Tap Privacy from the option you get on your screen.

Step 4: Tap Location Services option.

Step 5: Now, turn ON the location services including your Snapchat app (if it isn’t).

Step 6: Relaunch your Snapchat app.

Step 7: Tap and head to Manage options.

Step 8: Turn on the filters to enable the travel filters on your account. 

Travel Filter on Snapchat works only when you have enabled your phone location. However, the platform doesn’t save the history of the location of its users.

This was all about travel filter on Snapchat. You can access the feature by updating your Snapchat app and enabling your phone’s location. This new feature helps users turn their pictures into animated snaps and adds the name of the place. People are sharing their new filtered snaps7 on other social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

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