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Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-action world RPG, and anime-infused sci-fi adventure game developed by Hotta Studio. The game is designed in such an interesting way that set in the future and separated by multiple levels to explore the world and fights mutant creatures and hostile forces as they proceed further through the story. In this article, we will discuss Tower of Fantasy daily and weekly reset time. 

Tower of Fantasy is available worldwide for both devices – PC and Mobile applications (iOS & Android).

Being a Tower of Fantasy player, you receive new sign-in bonuses and a new set of daily activities each day. The daily tasks related to mobile RPG games are referred to here as “bounties”. 

Moreover, as a benefit of signing in the game, players may gain these bounties to get different gifts. The sign-in bonus and the bounty feature are set to be refreshed each day based on several factors. 

However, a player will lose out if they failed to complete the given tasks or they did not claim their bonus by 5:00 am ET. 

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Tower of Fantasy Daily Reset Time

Daily Reset Time is 5:00 am EST. 

There are different time zones for time reset daily in Tower of Fantasy. They are:

  • 2:00 am PT
  • 2:30 pm IST
  • 3:00 am MT
  • 4:00 am CT
  • 7:00 pm AEST
  • 10:00 am BST
  • 11:00 am CEST

With this, players can restart the game and proceed to increase their levels and earn more points. It is also important to note that every server in Tower of Fantasy has a daily reset time.

So, when players complete their claiming sign-up incentives, daily assigned tasks, and other activities, the server will reset them.

Tower of Fantasy Weekly Reset Time

Weekly Reset Time for Tower of Fantasy is 5:10 AM EST every Monday. 

In order to get any reward, players are required to collect 900 Weekly Activity points each week. Although there are no additional rewards upon reaching higher totals. 

 In-Game Content that Reset Daily in Tower of Fantasy

  • Daily Limits 
  • Daily Task
  • Login Bonuses 
  • Events/Notifications

In-Game Content that Reset Weekly in Tower of Fantasy

  • Weekly Activity Points
  • Tri-Weekly Contents 
  • Bygone Phantasm
  • Crew Quests


In Tower of Fantasy, time plays a significant role in reset daily and reset weekly. Here, 40 minutes are considered equivalent to one day. So, players may not need to wait for a much longer time to accomplish gifts or rewards or anything.

Tower of Fantasy servers is connected to the in-game time resulting in time-syncing. You can view it by tapping the sun icon on the mini map. 

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