How To Tag Someone On Snapchat

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In this article, we will guide how to tag someone on Snapchat. So, if you are new to this, do not worry as you too will get acquainted soon!

Being an active Snapchat user, you regularly get new and exciting features. And since the “mention” feature has rolled out, people have become crazy over it.

The mention feature on Snapchat allows you to tag someone in your story and they will get a notification about it; increasing engagement and the odds of becoming best friends on Snapchat.

If the people you mentioned are on your Snapchat friend list, they can see your story and explore more on the Snapchat App. And even if not, they will still be notified of being mentioned in your story.

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What Is “Mention” Or Tag Someone On Snapchat?

Mention on Snapchat lets you tag someone in your story and invites the user to see your story by sending a notification to them.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat’s mention feature helps you to gain more attention to the snap you use.

How To Mention Someone On Snapchat?

Below are the steps to mention someone on Snapchat.

This works for both Android & iPhone.

Launch the Snapchat application on your phone.  

Now you need to create a snap to unlock the mentioned feature. There are mainly two ways to mention someone on Snapchat:

  • Press the “T” icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and search for “@” followed by the username of the person you wish to mention.
  • Tap the “Sticker” icon appearing in the right-section menu. Then, select the “Mention” Sticker, with the symbol of @. Scroll or type the name you are looking for using Spell out the Name.

Once you have found their name, tap on it to mention them in your story. Tap the “Send To” icon and select the people who can see your snap.

Can You Mention Or Tag Someone on Snapchat Who Is Not On Your Friends List?

Sadly, Snapchat lets you mention someone from your Friend list only. In that case, you can mention who follows you or has added you to their Snapchat friends list. Instead, you can use the “Added by Mention” feature to add someone as a friend.

To add someone, not on your Friend list, search their username, and tap the “Add Friend” button next to their name. The person you mentioned here will get a notification equivalently as “Added by mention.”

How To Share Your Story with Only Selective People On Snapchat?

Like Instagram has a “Close Friends” list, Snapchat offers a similar feature called “Private Story.” As the name suggests, you share your snaps with only a limited number of friends you select.

Also, while selecting people with whom you wish to share your Snapchat Story, you can create a separate private list for your future use and avoid the process of manually selecting people each time before sharing a story.

How To Remove a Mention On Snapchat?

If you have unknowingly mentioned someone in your snap or story, you cannot remove them directly from there. The only doable option you are left with is to delete the entire story and create a new one.

Unfortunately, Snapchat has not added any option yet to remove someone from your story. And neither to remove yourself from someone else’s story.

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