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The Social media world has much higher competition when it comes to choosing the best one out of so many of them. 

As time has changed, so do the people and the technologies. The advancement in the tech field has already begun shaping the world to its new different forms and is evolving rapidly.

Coping with the higher levels of competition among WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and Snapchat is increased.

Snapchat has recently launched a new revenue-generating model-based premium membership offer, popularly known by the name Snapchat+.

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In this article, we’ll discuss Snapchat Plus Features & Benefits. But before that, let’s see

What is Snapchat+ Or Snapchat Plus Features?

Snapchat+ is a new premium membership service that starts at just $3.99 per month. This allows its users to use various cool and exciting features like modifying the Snapchat app icon, rewatched story count, and more. 

It might be just too soon to make the final decision of purchasing the premium version of Snapchat before knowing all the benefits that they have to offer. 

Let’s see what are the features you’ll get when you switch to Snapchat Premium. 

Snapchat Premium Features

Below is the list of the exclusive features that Snapchat+ will give you. 

They are:

Snapchat+ Badge

If you switch to Snapchat+, you will receive a small black star badge on your profile.

Other users who visit your profile will get to know that you are now a subscriber of Snapchat+ by seeing the badge icon appearing next to your name. 

Story Rewatch Count

Snapchat+ has added an interesting feature of a story rewatch count. As the name suggests, you can see the total number of your friends who reviewed your story. 

Ghost Trails

It lets you access the location history of your friend for the past 24 hours. Also, Ghost Trails works only if your friend has previously shared their location with you. 

A Range of App Icons

Snapchat+ also allows users to change their Snapchat icon from the usual one to any other of their choices from the available options. It offers over 30 Snapchat icons, and you can update yours to any one of them. 

Select Any Friend of Yours and Pin Them As #1 BFF

Using this feature, you can pin any of your friends to the top of your chats. However, it is worth noting that Snapchat+ allows you to pin only one friend at a time as BFF. 

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