How To Share Snapchat On Instagram

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Snapchat is arguably in the first place among the favorite apps for many of us who are obsessed with the platform for sharing snaps and videos with friends. So, how to share your Snapchat pictures and videos on Instagram?

And since Snapchat offers a whole range of new cool filters, it has become fascinating for us to use the Snapchat app as it gives a different experience every time and never gets old. 

However, Instagram is in the second place when it comes to talking about who is next on the list of favorite apps because a lot of users share stories on Instagram and the same stuff on Snapchat too. 

To maintain this delightful journey, Instagram recently announced to update itself and introduce “Instagram Stories” and allow users to share pictures and videos visible for twenty-four hours.  

We will guide you in this article on how to share your Snapchat pictures and videos on Instagram. Even though the process may seem lengthy, you can master it by putting some extra effort and time. 

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How To Share Snapchat On Instagram

Step 1: Setup Snapchat

On your device, download and install the Snapchat app. After completing the sign-in/sign-up process, you will be taken to the interface that displays the view captured by the device’s camera. 

Step 2: Create a Snap

Launch the Snapchat app, and tap the shooting circle at the bottom-right to take a Photo. Or Press and hold that camera button to record a video. 

Step 3: Edit the Snap

To edit, simply tap the pencil symbol in the upper-right corner of your screen. 

You can add some texts, emojis, drawings, and stickers to make your snap look better and unique. 

Step 4: Save the Snap 

Once you finish making all changes, Select the “arrow” symbol in the bottom left corner to Save your snap.

Step 5: Setup Instagram

Launch your Instagram app and log in if you are not. 

Step 6: Share Your Snaps

To share your Snaps, tap the Camera icon in the upper-left. You can find your recently created snap by selecting the “Square” symbol in the below-left corner. Or you can swipe up to do the same.

After you have found your snap, tap on it to select and share it in your story by tapping the “Your Story” option in the bottom-left.

Instagram automatically removes your story after it has completed the period of 24 hours. You can share your Snapchat on Instagram as a “Post” to make it appear permanently and resolves the issue of Instagram stories disappearing. 


How to Upload Snapchat story to Instagram?

There’s no direct way to share Snapchat stories on your Instagram. However, you can use applications like “Story Saver” to save your snap and share it on Instagram, whether as a post or a story.

How to Link Instagram account to Snapchat?

Instagram account cannot be linked to your Snapchat account. To share Snapchat stuff to your Instagram account or vice versa, you need to download them first, and then you can do it manually. 

How to Share Snapchat Profile with Instagram Followers?

To share your Snapchat profile with your Instagram, you can take a snapshot of your Snapchat profile or paste a link on your Instagram. 

How to Find Snapchat Profile URL or Link?

Launch the Snapchat app, and tap your Profile icon on the upper left side. Now tap “My Story”, swipe up, and at the very top of the screen, you will find your Snapchat Profile URL. 

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