How To Send GIFs On Snapchat?

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Everyone loves sharing GIFs. GIFs are relatively easy and worth sharing on social media platforms, including Snapchat, to increase engagement as well as the flow of your conversation. GIFs or Graphics Interchange Format are the moving images you can use to add fun to your social media. In this article, we will show how to send GIFs on Snapchat. 

People use GIFs to express their actions and thoughts in the form of different pictures that might be hard to write in texts. You can share GIFs on Snapchat too, whether to your Snapchat Story, Friends, or chat. 

There’s a whole new range of GIFs available on the Internet you can send by downloading them. Or you can create one on Snapchat by attaching GIFs to snaps and sending GIFs to your Snapchat friends via chat.

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How To Send GIFs on Snapchat

Here’s how you can send GIFs to your friends on Snapchat. 

This works for both Android & iPhone users.

  1. Launch the Snapchat application on your device and tap the Shutter button to take a picture. 
  2. Now take a photo, then Select the Stickers icon. 
  3. Type and search for GIFs and scroll to the “Giphy” section
  4. Select the GIF you wish to add. 
  5. Adjust the GIF to your desired position. You can use your two fingers to adjust the size of the GIF and change its location. 
  6. Once you have made all the necessary changes, tap the “Send To” icon to share the GIF attached image to your friends or story. 

That’s All! you can send a GIF on Snapchat by making Snaps. You can add as many GIFs on a single snap as you want to. 

To delete a GIF while creating Snap, tap and drag the GIF to the bin icon that appears at the bottom of the screen. 

How To Send GIFs From Your Photo Gallery?

You can send an already downloaded GIF from your phone to Snapchat.

Assuming you have downloaded the desired GIF to your phone that you want to share on Snapchat. 

  1. On your phone, launch Gallery and select the GIF you wish to send. 
  2. Now, tap the “Share” option.
  3. Select “Snapchat”.
  4. Tap and select the friends to share the GIF.
  5. Tap Send button at the bottom. 

How To Send GIFs On Snapchat as a Message?

To send GIFs on your Chat, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Snapchat application on your device (Android or iPhone). 
  2. Click the Chat icon at the bottom, or you can swipe to the right on your screen to open the chat tab. 
  3. Tap and open the chat you wish to send a GIF to. 
  4. Tap the Stickers icon on the chat box. 
  5. Search and select the GIF you would like to share. 
  6. Tap the GIF to send it. 

So, this was all about how to send GIFs. 

GIFs are fun to share with your friends on Snapchat as they make your chat quite engaging and help you express your thoughts and emotions explicitly. You can use GIFs to limit your text messages and increase the pictorial representation of your actions. 

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