How to See Mutual Friends On Snapchat 

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If two people are friends with a third person on Snapchat, they are called mutual friends. However, this number is not limited, as many people can be mutual friends even if they are unknown to each other. So, Here we have covered how to see mutual friends on Snapchat.

In order to increase the number of your mutual friends, you only have to share the same friends with another person, and Snapchat will show you in their list of mutual friends. In other words, friends of your friends are known as mutual friends.

You may now have a glimpse of who mutual friends are. And you might already have a bunch of mutual friends on Snapchat. The next step would be exploring and connecting with them, which we will discuss below.

So in this article, we have covered how to see mutual friends on Snapchat.

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See Your Mutual Friends on Snapchat

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat app on your device (iPhone or Android).

Step 2: Tap your Bitmoji icon appearing in the top-left corner of your camera screen.

Step 3: Select Add Friends option under the Friends section. You will now see two categories on your Add Friends page – Added Me and Quick Add.

The Added Me section means users who have sent you the invitation to become their Friends. On the other hand, the Quick Add section recommends Friend suggestions. Snapchat shows people in your Quick Add section depending on two reasons – You may know them or You Share common interests with them.

Step 4: The profiles that contain the text “X Mutual Friends” or “X+ Mutual Friends” below their usernames are your mutual Friends on Snapchat.

Also, you will find a number instead of any X symbol in the expression “X Mutual Friends.” As you might know, it represents the total number of mutual friends you have with that Snapchat user.

 The alphabet X can vary from 1 to 20 depending on the person. If your total number of mutual friends is more than 20 with someone, you will see “20+” instead of any precise number.

Can You View Names of Your Mutual Friends?

Unfortunately, there isn’t such a feature available that can help us see the names of our mutual friends on Snapchat. We can only see how many mutual friends we have with a particular user. Yet, Snapchat allows its users to have above than seeing the names of their mutual friends.

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