How to See Liked Reels On Instagram 2022

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Most users love watching Reels on Instagram, whether for entertainment or educational purpose. And it is a fact that the engagement of the user has increased at a much higher rate since Instagram introduced Reels video on its platform. Here we are going to discuss how to see liked reels on Instagram.

You might have also liked tons of Reels if you’re one of those highly active users on Instagram. When you Like someone’s Reels on Instagram, it encourages the creator to make more such types of video content. 

Now, If you are wondering whether you can view your previously liked reels, the answer is Yes. Instagram stores all the photos, videos, and reels you have liked earlier, and you can see them whenever you want to. 

So, in this article, we’ll learn how to see liked reels on Instagram.

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How to View Liked Reels On Instagram

This method works on both Android & iPhone devices.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your device and click your profile icon in the bottom-right corner. 

Step 2: Click the three lines menu in the top-right.

Step 3: Select Your Activity, then tap Interactions.

Step 4: Select Likes.

You can now see all the posts you’ve liked before. There’s no specific section made for liked reels. So, you need to find them manually among the other content. A quick and easy way to find reels is by noticing a little video icon in the upper left section of each post. 

However, you can use the Sort & filter option to search for specific reels.

Tap the Sort by icon to set your liked reels in a sequence of “Newest to Oldest” or “Oldest to Newest”. 

To view liked posts of a specific profile, click Author, search for their username, click Add next to their profile, then Click Apply.

To view liked posts of a specific period, select the “Start Date” and “End date”, then tap Apply.

How to Unlike Liked Reels

To Unlike the reels, you need to tap and open it, then tap the Red Heart Icon. 

How to Unlike Reels in Bulk

Step 1: Click the Select option in the top right corner. 

Step 2: Now, tap and select up 100 reels you want to remove from your liked collection.

(Instagram users can select only up to 100 posts at once) 

Step 3: After selecting the posts, tap Unlike at the bottom.

You can remove other reels by following the same procedure. 

Now, this task can be annoying if you have thousands of reels to unlike. However, this is the only way to unlike reels in bulk. 

Can You See Liked Reels on Instagram Desktop?

The answer is NO. Unlike the app, Instagram web doesn’t have any feature to see your liked reels on the Desktop. The only way to see the liked reels is by using the Instagram app.

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