How to Remove Quick Access on Facebook?

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Facebook has made several changes in its features to provide a great user experience. And one of the great tools they added is Called Quick Access. As the name suggests, the feature lets you quickly access your Profile, Groups, and Pages that you often visit on Facebook. 

However, it is worth noting that this feature doesn’t provide the whole list of your most frequently visited places on Facebook. It will only give you the maximum number of four shortcuts to different places on Facebook.

Though, Many Users may feel that using the quick access feature in the search bar makes it annoying. So, in this article, we’ll explore whether it is possible to remove the Quick Access Feature.

How to use the Quick Access Feature?

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app.

Step 2: Tap on the Search Bar. 

Now, you can see Shortcuts to your Profile, Groups, and Pages that you frequently visited above the ‘Recent Searches’.

Can You Disable the Quick Access Feature?

Unfortunately, Facebook Does not gives you access to remove the Quick Access feature at the present moment. The feature comes by default, and there is no option to get rid of it on Facebook. It is expected that Facebook may offer users an option to disable quick access in the future. 

Can You Use the Quick Access Feature on Facebook Website?

Sadly, Facebook does not let the users use Quick Access on Facebook Website. Currently, this new feature is available only for the Mobile Users. Soon, Facebook may add this feature to the Web version of Facebook.

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