What Does Priority Mean On Instagram DM?

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Instagram has started serving a new “Priority” feature to its users in the DM (Direct Message) section, but users aren’t too pleased about it. In the past few months, Instagram has delivered a lot of features for all sorts of users, including casual ones, creators, and even businesses. The Priority feature first came across Instagram in early June. But, when it made its first appearance a few selected users could access it back then. 

Stay with us and understand more about this new feature on Instagram DMs.

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Instagram Priority Feature Explained

Undoubtedly, Instagram has constantly introduced some mind-blowing features for its better user experience. 

The new priority feature on Instagram is its latest release. And, the “Priority” label allows the Instagram algorithm to add a tag under the name of the user you comminute mostly. It basically identifies which of your followers is on your top priority list or with whom you can connect more. 

However, there are some drawbacks to this features and getting a mixed response from users worldwide. Many Instagrammer has reported that this one falsely labels those chats that are not even on their priority list.

Thus, even if a user chats only a few messages with anyone, their profiles also appear as a priority. Instagrammer is continuously giving negative feedback and questioning as its fails to recognize the priority rightly. 

Can You Label A Conversation Priority Manually

Till now, you have no options to mark conversations in your DM as a priority manually. It uses its own algorithms and prioritizes the one with whom you chat the more and interact is marked “Priority”.

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