What Does Pft Mean On Snapchat & How to Use It (2022)

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On Snapchat, each day begins with the discovery of new slang and acronyms. Here, you’ll come across lots of bizarre and interesting words that somehow find ways to make their place in modern languages. If you aren’t a member of that group, you surely have no idea of Gen Z. How it started and became so popular among Snapchatters. However, another word known as “Pft” has gained attention and is being used over all social media, including Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and WhatsApp. In this article, we will tell you what does Pft Mean on Snapchat. Also, how you can use Pft in your day-to-day conversation. 

So, in no time, you’ll get acquainted with this new term Pft and would be able to carry out its meaning. 

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What Does Pft Mean On Snapchat?

Being an avid Snapchat user, you might already have heard about Pft. It is trending on all the different social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The most common use of the Pft is to express disagreement about something. 

The term Pft is used when someone doesn’t like others’ thoughts or opinions. You are most likely to notice this term in the comment sections on Snapchat. People post this to show they don’t agree with what others say. 

However, the term Pft has different pronunciations depending on the social media and your region. Some of them are like “Pfft” or “Pffft,” but they all have the same meaning. 

Other Meanings of Pft

Apart from the Pft which means to express disagreement, several other abbreviations are also trending and being used by the netizens. Some of them are:

  • PFT: Pulmonary Function Test
  • PFT: Pause for Thought
  • PFT: Physical Fitness Test 
  • PFT: Phineas and the Ferb-Tones
  • PFT: Pro Football Talk

Wrap Up

So, this was all about what does Pft mean on Snapchat. Apart from Pft which means a sound made in disagreement, there are other similar-looking words that have different meanings. However, on Snapchat, Pft is commonly used to show one’s disagreement with/ for something or somebody. 

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