What Does “ONG” Mean On Instagram?

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Instagram users bring lots of new acronyms or terms to their posts. Recently, “ONG” term gained attention and is now being used widely on the platform. You might already have noticed ONG as a caption in some random posts on Instagram. Also, the term is being used by some celebrities posting their pictures with this caption. However, if you don’t know the meaning of this phrase, don’t worry we’ll tell you all the details here. In this article, we’ve explained, What Does “ONG” Mean On Instagram.

Now, some people might think that the term is a typo error and it’s actually the OMG term. No, OMG is another term that means “Oh my God” and ONG carries the same but slightly different meaning. 

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What Does “ONG” Mean On Instagram?

The term “ONG” on Instagram refers to “On God.” When someone uses the ONG acronym, they mean to say “I Swear to God” or “Hand to God.” People use this slang to agree with something and stand for the truth. However, it can have different meanings depending on the context of its use. 

The history of ONG relates to the netizens of western countries where Christianity is popular and practiced. This term is used highly on social media platforms like Instagram. Users caption their photos or videos mainly to refer to their aesthetic and beauty and value to others. 

We covered below a few examples to explain the meaning of ONG much better:

Meaning 1: Using ONG To Support an Opinion

Many users on Instagram likes to share their opinion regarding other things. Some people may agree with it while some may not and it might cause a debate between those two groups. In such cases, people use the ONG term and affirm their approval of such opinions.

For instance, if someone says “Universities are a huge waste. Education can be completed at high schools only.” Now you can agree with it by replying with ONG meaning you support the idea. 

Meaning 2: Using ONG To Show Out of Control 

Users also use ONG to refer to such things that are beyond their understanding and they have faith in God here. The meaning is same as “On God” but users are trying to say that they have now totally relied on God for their occurrence. 

For instance, when someone asks you “Are you prepared for the upcoming hockey match? Do you think your team will win this time?” Now if you reply with ONG, you are referring you can’t make any guesses of what’s going to happen and you believe in God for that. 

 Meaning 3: Using ONG To Swear to an Honest Statement

People use ONG to show their strong support and to swear that the statement is true when others find it hard to believe. When someone ends their statement with this term means they are trying to show their seriousness and asking you to believe it too. They are swearing in the name of God and are confident the statement is true. 

For Instance, when someone posts “ONG It’s hard to believe that Cristiano won’t be playing in this upcoming FIFA matches.” Here, the person is expressing their bewilderment by swearing upon God that they never thought this would happen. 

Wrap Up

  • What Does “ONG” Mean On Instagram?
  • Meaning 1: Using ONG To Support an Opinion
  • Meaning 2: Using ONG To Show Out of Control 
  • Meaning 3: Using ONG To Swear to an Honest Statement

This was all about what does “ONG” mean on Instagram. The term is usually referred to say “On God” but its meaning can differ depending on the context of its use. However, some people may get confused with other ONG which means “Oh no Girlfriend” but users are most likely trying to refer to the first one.  

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