No Data Available on Facebook Likes & Reactions (2022)

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Recently, many users found this error on the Facebook app. Whenever they tap on Liked and Reactions below any post, it only shows “No Data Available”.

However, it always shows the list of those people who have reacted to that particular post. But Facebook is now showing no data available and this thing has created chaos among users.

Many of the users have raised this issue. So, let’s discuss the root cause of the problem and some possible methods to fix it. 

Why Does it Show No Data Available on Facebook Likes

This error might be due to a bug or glitch from Facebook. Social Media Platforms usually suffer from these kinds of problems. And the same thing could be with Facebook. 

It means there’s nothing wrong with your device or internet connection, and the problem is on their side, not yours. You don’t have to worry about this issue, as the Facebook team may already have started working on it. Most of the bugs are fixed within 24 to 48 hours. 

Although, if you want to see the likes and reactions on your or someone else’s Facebook posts, here are some potential fixes that you can try. 

How to Solve “No Data Available”

The issue is seems to mainly appear on the Facebook app on iPhone and Android devices. 

Here are the three simple solutions. 

Method no. 3 works for everyone. 

Method 1:

Make sure you have updated your Facebook app to the latest version of it. 

Method 2:

Clear your Facebook app Cache on your device if you haven’t done it yet. Here’s our guide on How to clear Facebook Cache for Android and iPhone. 

Method 3: (Use Facebook Web)

We all are having the same issue with the mobile app, but everything is good on the Web version of Facebook. 

Just simply log in to your Facebook account on your mobile browser or desktop, and you will be able to see the likes and reactions to the posts. 

“No Data Available” is only appearing on the app.

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