How To Mention All Friends in Facebook Comments Using @friends

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Meta is rolling out a new feature that will help you to mention all friends in Facebook comments using @friends. You might have found something interesting on Facebook and wanted your friends to see it too. Now sending posts to each of your friends can be a tedious task that you surely want to avoid. That’s when this new feature comes in handy to mention all friends on Facebook using @friends. 

However, the feature is still in its testing phase and is available for limited users only. You might not be able to access it yet if you don’t belong to their selected country or region. Also, only a few users have been allowed to have this feature on their Facebook account. So, it all depends on your luck whether you get the mention all friends Facebook comments or not.

If you have this feature on your account and want to know how to use it, you just landed in the right place. We will show you in this article, How To Mention All Friends in Facebook Comments Using @friends. We have covered below a step-by-step guide that will help you get an overview and you will soon be able to mention your friends in comments.

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How To Mention All Friends in Facebook

Step 1: Launch Facebook on your device and login to your account (if you aren’t).

Step 2: Find the Facebook post and go to Comment under it. 

Step 3: You need to type “@friends” in the comment box. Now, you’ll be suggested a list of your all friends on Facebook you want to mention. It will appear with the text saying “Who can see the content”. Click on it when you see it.

However, if @friend suggestion doesn’t appear means you are not eligible to access it for various reasons including different regions/locations, etc. 

Step 4: When you get the @friend suggestion, Tap Send icon.

That’s All! Facebook friends you selected will be mentioned in that particular post. Repeat the same process if you want to do it again. 

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