How to Make a Poll On Instagram Story 2022

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Many people love to show their opinions using a poll on their Instagram story, as this is becoming quite a new way to engage your followers on Instagram. The tool lets you collect your followers’ thoughts in a much more interactive way, making it one of the easiest ways to boost your engagement and gather feedback from your Instagram community. 

So, if you are not seeking the advantage of the poll sticker on Instagram, you might be missing this cool feature on Instagram. The feature helps to know what your followers like and what they don’t. 

We have covered in this article how to make a poll on Instagram story. The process of creating a poll on Instagram is quick and easy, as you will see in the guide below.  

How to Create A Poll On Instagram 

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your device (either Android or iPhone). 

Step 2: You need to create a new story and open your story editor. To do that, swipe right on your home page, Or tap the icon and then select story. 

Step 3: Choose a picture or take a new one. 

Step 4: Tap the Sticker icon or smiley emoji at the top. 

Step 5: Now, Find and tap POLL. You can even use the search bar if it is not showing on your screen. 

Step 6: Type the questions you want to ask in your poll and add your answers accordingly. By default, you will get the answers in Yes and No format, but you can change them by tapping on it.

Step 7: Adjust the position of your poll sticker by dragging and set wherever you want it to appear on your background image. Pinch in and out to make the poll sticker zoom in or zoom out. 

That’s it. You can now share your story, and people who see will respond by tapping the suitable answers. They will also be able to view the total percentage of votes that each answer has received. 

How to See the Poll Response 

To see the poll responses, open your Instagram story and tap Activity in the bottom left.

You can see:

Total Votes: The number of people who have voted for each answer along with the total percentage response of each answer.

Voters: The number of users who have voted along with their response.

Story Viewers: The total number of users who have seen your story.

Moreover, you can share the poll results by tapping the Share results and then share them in your story.

How to Make A Poll On Instagram With More Than Two Options 

Most Instagram users will get the Poll Sticker with only two answers option available on it. 

Acc. to reports, Instagram has been running tests on this feature with some selected users and may soon launch the poll with multiple answer choices (up to 4). However, there is no information about the launching of this feature. It is currently available only in a few regions and is going through its testing phase.

To use a poll with multiple answering options, you need to follow the steps mentioned above. If the feature is available for your account, you will be able to see “Add another option…” on the poll sticker. 

Here are two things that could be worth trying if you want to use the multiple option feature on your poll. 

Update the app: Make sure you have updated your Instagram app to the latest version of it. 

Switch your account: If you have multiple Instagram accounts, try using the poll sticker in all of them. You might get one with the feature you’re looking for. In my case, it is available on one of my Instagram accounts, while two of them have not. 

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