How To Log Back Into BeReal? 2022

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So, How to log back into the BeReal account? BeReal is a popular French social media app developed by Alexis Barreyat. It is known for its main unique feature of daily sending notifications to users. The BeReal App encourages them to share a picture of themselves and their immediate surroundings under a randomly selected two-minute window time every day. 

The idea of the BeReal App has been praised by many people. Its intriguing concept has fascinated them to use it. 

However, some users may dislike the BeReal App and may find it hard to continue with it, if you have logged out, log back into the BeReal account. Or if you have deleted your BeReal account. 

We will cover in this article how to log back into the BeReal account and whether you can log in back or not if you delete your BeReal account.

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How To Log Back Into Your BeReal Account?

If you have logged out from your BeReal account, you can log back by providing your name, phone number, and your date of birth. 

After entering your phone number, you will get an OTP. Fill the OTP you received. 

That’s All! Now, you will easily log back into your BeReal account. 

What If you delete your BeReal Account?

If you delete your BeReal Account, you will be logged out instantly from your BeReal Account on all of your devices. Your entire BeReal account data will automatically be deleted permanently in the next 15 days. 

Once the period of 15 days is over and you did not log in back into your BeReal account, your data will be removed and you can not login back. 

Yet if you login in between those 15 days, your data will get recovered and your BeReal account will not get deleted. 

So, make sure to log in to the BeReal account in those 15 days to avoid such issues. Else, you will get nothing but only disappointment. 

If I Delete BeReal Can I Log Back In?

If you delete your BeReal, there are several ways to logback into the BeReal account. It includes providing the name you used while creating your account, then your date of birth and the mobile number. 

When you enter your mobile number and hit the button, you will receive an OTP that you will have to fill back, and you will be logged back easily. Doing so helps you save your previous BeReal account data and avoid losing them. 

However, it is worth noting that you will have to do this within the 15 days when you delete your BeReal account. After the 15-day cycle is over, you have to create a new account. 

Users will not be able to access their old BeReal account as their data will be erased if they try this method after the mentioned time. 

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