How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

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Instagram offers restrict feature that allows users to limit someone’s ability to interact with them on the platform. Like other social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook, Instagram does not notify users when other people restrict them. So, how do you know if someone has restricted you on Instagram?

Ways To Know If Someone Restricted Me on Instagram?

Fortunately, there are some possible ways to check if someone has restricted you on Instagram. After multiple testing, we have come up with the three most effective methods to know if your doubt about being restricted by other users is true. 

Method 1: Use another Account to See for Your Recent Comments on their Posts

It is worth noting that when someone restricts you on Instagram, your comments on their posts appear to you and them. Other Instagram users would not be able to view your comments on their posts. But it does not apply to all your comments on that user’s posts. 

Only those comments you published after the person restricted you will become invisible to other users on Instagram. In short, your old comments on their posts before the person restricted you will still appear to other Instagram users.

An effective way to know if someone restricted you on Instagram is by looking for your recent comments on that person’s posts using another account. To do that, you can ask your friends to let you use their Instagram account for this purpose or create a new one by yourself. 

You are restricted if you can view your recent comments on their posts using the second account but cannot see them using your original account. You can also publish some new comments on the user’s posts and check if they appear on other Instagram accounts. It is helpful if you have not commented on their posts for a while. 

Method 2: Send a Direct Message

When user restricts you on Instagram, your direct messages go to their message request tab instead of the primary and general message tab. You can use this fact to check if someone restricted you on Instagram or not. 

You only need to send a private message to the person and then wait for their reply. If “seen” does not appear below your messages or the person takes too much time to reply, indicates you might be restricted. 

However, it would be uncertain to say if someone restricted you on Instagram using the above method. It may be that the person has only disabled their active status and has not restricted you. 

Method 3: Notice their Active Status

When someone restricts you on Instagram, you can not view their active status too. To be more precise, you would not be able to see when the person was last active on Instagram. 

It is foremost to know that you cannot see the user’s active status if they have disabled it for everyone. The same will happen if you have disabled your active status option. To check other people’s active status on Instagram, make sure you have enabled your active status first. 

Here’s how you can turn your Instagram active status.

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How to Turn on Your Instagram Active Status 

Step 1: Launch Instagram and visit your profile by tapping the profile icon. 

Step 2: On your profile page, tap the three-bar menu and choose Settings.

Step 3: Out of many options, Select Privacy.

Step 4: Hit the Active Status and Turn it on. 

If you still cannot see the person’s activity status, try to check it using another account. The person has restricted you if you cannot view their active status on your main account, but you can see it using other Instagram accounts. 

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