What Does “Instagram User” Mean On Instagram?

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While scrolling through your older chats on Instagram, you might have noticed profiles saying “Instagram User” instead of an actual name. And you probably have wondered what does it mean to say? 

Out of curiosity, you might have tried to open the chat and realized it was a chat with one of your friends. You could see his username at the top but could not find out why “Instagram User” appears instead of his “username”. 

Many people doubt the person has blocked them when they see this mentioned tag on their profile, but the case here is different.  

You’ll learn in this article about what does it mean when it says “Instagram User” on Instagram. 

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What Does “Instagram User” Mean On Instagram

We have explained below the most common causes for seeing the above tag on a profile.

Cause 1: Deleted Account 

The Instagram User tag appears in others’ DMs if the person has deleted their accounts. However, you will still can access your previous chats with them. 

Cause 2: Disabled Account

A person’s profile also changes into the “Instagram User” when they disable or deactivate their account. It is common on Instagram for people disable their accounts manually to take a break.  

Sometimes Instagram deactivates users’ accounts as a punishment for violating their community guidelines. People who disable their Instagram accounts can re-activate them anytime if they change their minds. To enable their account, all they need to do is log back into Instagram. 

You will be able to see your previous chats with a disabled account. Their profile will show the new tag where their username used to appear earlier. But you won’t be able to send any messages until your friend decides to re-activate their account. 

Cause 3: Banned Account

Instagram has set many rules and guidelines that every person needs to follow to stay on its platform. Every social media has made these rules to make the platforms safe and provide a friendly environment for all users. Instagram bans accounts if they violate its community guidelines repeatedly for a long time. 

An account gets banned by Instagram depending upon two important factors: the Severity and the Frequency of offense. Usually, Instagram issues several warnings before deleting an account. But it is also worth noting that Instagram does not ban users for breaking minor guidelines.

Meaning of the Instagram User tag in Direct Messages

When users see the “Instagram User” tag on a profile in their DM, it does not mean they have blocked you. 

It means that the user has disabled or deleted their account. Or Instagram banned their account. 

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