Instagram Feed Showing Old Posts (June 2022) – Is Instagram Down?

You are currently viewing Instagram Feed Showing Old Posts (June 2022) – Is Instagram Down?

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Many Instagram users recently encountered this problem. They noticed Instagram feed is only showing old posts that they already have seen and doesn’t load new posts when they scroll down to see more of them. 

However, the feed always loads more posts, especially the new ones when you scroll down. But it is constantly failing to show the latest posts and this issue has frustrated the Instagram Users. 

Thus, if you are here on this page, you are also having the same issues. 

So, let’s find out what’s causing the problem and some potential fixes that you can try. 

Why Instagram is not Showing Recent Posts?

The reason for this could be a glitch. Instagram Users have already reported this issue, and their technical team might already be working to solve it. 

Some Instagram Users even found a “Welcome to Instagram” message that makes the situation look worse than ever. 

Instagram users might need to wait for a few hours until they fix this issue. However, if you are eagerly waiting to know some possible ways to solve this, follow our guide below.

How to Fix Instagram Feed Showing Old Posts Issue? 

Method 1) Try Switching your Feed to the Following

Tap the Instagram logo in the top-left and select Following. It will show you the recent posts from the accounts you have followed. 

Method 2) Use Instagram Web

Log in to your Instagram account on your mobile browser or desktop to see if the feed is working properly. 

Method 3) Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing your app Cache might help to fix the issue. 

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