Instagram DMs Not Working 2022- How to Fix the Glitch

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Recently, Instagram had some issues like – Instagram Messages Black Screen & Unable to use Effects. A few days back, it was reported that many users were not able to use their Instagram DMs properly. The Instagram DMs (Direct Messages) was not working as usual, and everything was just getting disappeared every time they tried to open it, as if all the conversations has been deleted.   

The report has been sent to the Instagram team, and they might already have started working on it. However, after spending a few hours on research and multiple testing, we have come up with some possible fixes that you can try out. 

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How to Fix The Instagram DMs Glitch

The issue currently seems to be appearing only on Android devices. Below are four methods that may work efficiently.

They are: 

Method 1: Clear Instagram Cache

Cache files are one of those primary reasons which cause many problems like the Instagram DMs Glitch. And clearing them from time to time may save you from these problems.

 If you know how to clear Instagram cached files, give it a try and see if your issue is getting resolved or not. 

You can also take help from our guide on How to Clear the Instagram Cache.

If it does not work, try our next method.

Method 2: Update Instagram

Using an older version of the Instagram app could be the other reason behind this issue. 

So, ensuring that you are updating your app regularly is a good practice to avoid these issues. Go and check if you have updated your app to its latest version. And if not, do it now. 

Method 3: Use Instagram Web 

Use your computer or mobile browser to log in to your Instagram account and see if everything works smoothly. The glitch might be in the app only, and its web version might not be affected yet. 

Method 4: Wait For A Few Hours 

If the above methods are not helping you to solve your Instagram DMs problem, the last option left here is only waiting. 

Because it seems that the issue has not risen due to our mistake. The problem could on their side like a temporary bug or something else. 

Once their technical team identifies the glitch, your direct messages will start working as normal.

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