Fix: Instagram Comments Not Loading Or Showing

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Instagram comments are where you drop your opinions, right? When your friends upload their new pictures or videos on Instagram, the comments option comes in handy. For a few days, however, Instagram comments not loading or showing any option for the same. In this article, we will discuss why Instagram Comments Not Loading Or Showing and how you can fix it. 

With over a billion active users worldwide, Instagram accounts for a significant proportion of social media. The platform offers several exciting features. You can create or edit pictures using their cool filters. Or access the story section where they let you add songs to make it even more stunning.

The platform is different and fun to use in many ways. However, Instagram currently has comments not loading issue. In such a case, you might not be getting any option to comment under Instagram posts, including reels. Now many users got frustrated and asked Instagram to speak about the situation. As per updates, there is still no information about its root cause or origin.

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Why Instagram Comments Not Loading?

We have mentioned below a few possible reasons why the comments not loading issue occurred on Instagram:

  • A Bug or glitch in the Instagram app
  • Your internet connection is unstable i.e. Wi-Fi or mobile is not working properly
  • You enabled Low data mode on your device
  • You haven’t updated your Instagram app for a long period
  • Your app cache is full
  • You are using a VPN Connection

How To Fix Instagram Comments Not Loading?

Follow the methods below to Method the comments not loading issue.

Method 1: Check For Stable Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) is stable and working efficiently. If you have an issue with your internet, you may get slow or not loading problems on your Instagram. 

Method 2: Try Closing and Reopening Instagram App

Close your Instagram app and then reopen it. Doing this may resolve the issue and you may not get to see it again. 

Method 3: Log Out and login 

Log out from your account and then login to see whether the comments option has started loading again or not. 

Method 4: Update the app to latest Version

If your Instagram app is not updated for a long time, you are likely to get issues while using it. So, go to your Google Play Store or App Store and check whether you have updated the app or not. 

Method 5: Restart your device

Turn off your phone and then restart it after a few minutes. This will stop your background usage and start new. And you may not get the comments not loading issue on Instagram again. 

Method 6: Turn OFF VPN

If you use a VPN for Instagram, turn off or disable the VPN connection and try without it. 

Method 7: Wait For Sometime

If there is a bug or glitch reason behind the Instagram comments not loading issue, you may need to wait till the technical team fixes it. 

Summing Up

This was all about how to fix Instagram comments not loading. Here’s a quick summary of the above solutions.

  • Check for Stable Internet Connection
  • Try closing and reopening the app
  • Log Out and login
  • Update the app to its latest version
  • Restart your device
  • Turn off/ disable VPN
  • Contact Support Team 
  • Wait for sometime 

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