How to See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram 2022

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Instagram has come up with its new update where the Followers & Following lists have completely changed, including the activity tab where someone can track their followers & the following activity is also no longer available. So, in this article we are going to discuss about how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

Earlier, the followers or following are listed in a chronological manner that is newest to oldest or vice versa. Now Instagram has made a few changes there, yet you can still view the list of the people who followed you on Instagram. 

So, below is our guide on how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

Read more, and you can find out how to do it. 

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How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram 

As the activity tab has got deleted from Instagram, it could be pretty hard to track someone’s activity on Instagram. However, there are still possible methods you can try to track someone. 

  • Using Snoopreport – Instagram Activity Tracker Tool

Snoopreport is an online activity tracker tool that helps to track Someone’s activity on Instagram, such as their likes and follows. 

Step 1: In your browser, search for and register Yourself by tapping the icon that says Get Started

Step 2: On the Sign-Up page, fill in your correct email and password and agree to their terms and conditions.

Step 3: Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will reach the users’ dashboard. 

Step 4: Now, tap the Add Account optionat the top, click on Buy Subscription and then choose any of the plans as per your choice. 

Step 5: Complete the payment to get your account ready. 

Step 6: Now, Tap the Add Account button and fill the username you wish to track. 

Snoopreport will start tracking that user’s activity and send you their reports weekly. Here are the Snoopreport Example

One of the best advantages of using Snoopreport is they give you 100% anonymity. Users do not have to give their Instagram user-Id and password. It only asks for the username of the account you want to track. And you can also view someone’s previous Instagram activity up to the last 36 weeks. 

Credit: snoopreport
  • Using the Web Version of Instagram

This method explains if it is possible to see the most recent followed profile of someone using the web version of Instagram.

Note: This method doesn’t guarantee to get the followers in sequence. However, you can still try it out if this helps you.

If you use the Instagram app and go to someone’s Followers or Following tab, you will see the list of the profiles in random order.

To try this method, simply log-in to your Instagram account on a mobile browser or a PC and see their followers and following.

Most probably, the list will appear in chronological order.

Credit: Filmoment

If it doesn’t work, there’s no other method to find their most recent followers or followed profile directly on Instagram. If there’s any update regarding this in the future, we’ll update you.

 Currently, Snoopreport is one of the most preferred online tools available on the Internet. Though it is a paid service, it gives the good result and satisfies the users.

How to View Your Instagram Followers & Following in Chronological Order

The method below explains you view your Instagram Followers and Followings in chronological order.

  • Launch the Instagram App, go to your profile and tap the Followers section.
  • You will now see the entire list of all of your Followers. 

If you are using a mobile app, the followers will be shown randomly instead of a chronological order. But according to users, on some other mobile devices of another account, the followers list appears in order-wise (newest at the top).

So, you can try this if it helps you to see the most recent followers.

If this method doesn’t work, log in to your Instagram account on a mobile browse or PC and view the followers’ list.

For most users, it shows in chronological order and it also happens with me. I tried all the above methods using the Instagram app and mobile browser, but the web version works effectively and shows me the followers in sequence (recent followers at the top).

How to see your followings in chronological order

Go to your Following tab and tap the sort icon that indicates the upward and downward arrow.

It has three options:

Default: The people you recently followed will be shown at the bottom. The default option works the same as the Earliest.

Date Followed: Latest – Most recent followed profile will appear first at the top and then the rest of the others.

Date Followed: Earliest – It will sort by placing the oldest followed profile at the top and the recent one at the bottom.

You can make changes in this setting to see your following list in order as per your choice.

If you log in to your Instagram account using a PC or a mobile browser and check the following list, it will appear in sequence that is most recent followed people at the bottom or vice versa.

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