How Many Reports to Get Banned on Snapchat

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Like all other social media, Snapchat also has set many rules and guidelines that all users need to follow to stay on its platform. Snapchat has created these rules to provide a safe and friendly environment for everyone. People who violate them frequently tend to get warnings or even lose their accounts.

As we mentioned above, every user must respect Snapchat community guidelines and avoid misdeeds. And this applies to all, so Snapchat users can report other users if they break the community guidelines. People can report you too on Snapchat when your snaps or messages break their rules.

You will learn in this article about how many reports it takes to get banned on Snapchat.

But before that, let’s see what happens when someone reports you on Snapchat.

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What Happens If You Get Reported on Snapchat?

Snapchat will first review the report if somebody reports you on its platform. Eventually, the Snapchat team will check if the report is accurate and legit. If the review team finds you guilty, various things could happen with your Snapchat account.

Snapchat usually issues warnings if someone reports you on its platform for disrespecting basic user guidelines. However, users might have to shut their accounts if they commit a serious offense. Snapchat can even inform police about the activity if it is grave enough. Such activities include sending explicit messages or snaps to underage users and death threats. Although Snapchat inspects all the reports on its platform, it prioritizes those that count as serious offenses.

How Many Reports Can Delete an Account on Snapchat?

Snapchat does not require a fixed number of reports to delete your account. Snapchat mainly uses two factors to decide whether they should ban your account. They are the Severity and Frequency of your Offense. We hope you now may have got an answer to your queries about how many reports it takes to get banned on Snapchat.  

Snapchat searches account of your history of violating its community guidelines before deciding whether to ban you. So, even a single report is enough to delete a Snapchat account when the offense is quite serious, whereas they only issue a warning for minor offenses. But it is also important to note that too many reports for mini violations can make you lose your Snapchat account.

Snapchat usually bans users for spreading hate speech and misinformation or sending explicit snaps or messages. You should always report these things whenever you see them on Snapchat.

Here’s how to report a snap on Snapchat.

How to Report Snaps on Snapchat

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat app and find the snap you wish to report.

 Step 2: Tap the Three-dotted menu on the snap.

Step 3: Select Report.

Step 4: Now choose an appropriate reason that best suits your reporting the snap.

Step 5: Then tap the Submit button to send your report. The Snapchat team will immediately take action against it.

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