How Long of a Video Can You Send On Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is one of the most used social media designed by Meta. Facebook Messenger lets you chat with your friends where you can share photos, videos, emojis, text, audio, and a lot more. Like other social media, the platform also supports the video-sharing feature and allows its users to send videos to others. However, you might have faced some difficulties while sending a long video to someone on Messenger. They have put restrictions on the size of the video you can send to your friends. We will discuss in this article, How Long of a Video Can You Send On Facebook Messenger.

Here, we covered all the details you need to know about the video size limit on Messenger and the best alternatives to solve the issue. If you don’t know how to send a video on Facebook Messenger, we will also show you to do the same. 

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How Long of a Video Can You Send On Facebook Messenger 

When you try to send a long video on Messenger, you get the error message saying you exceeded the size limit. Being a Facebook user, one can easily upload a video of upto 4 GB, whereas Messenger gives a size limit of about 25 MB only. 

However, how long a video you can send on Facebook Messenger depends on various factors. For instance, a 1080P video of around 15 seconds can be equal in size to a 240P video of 1 minute. The quality of the video affects its size, making it one of the most crucial factors to check before you send a video to someone. 

Alternative Ways To Send Long Videos 

It might be hard for you to get the size of every video to 25 MB. Hence, you may want to go for alternative ways to solve the issue. Below are some other ways you can go for sending long videos:

Segmenting the Video 

Assuming you want to send a 20-minute-long-video to your friend but are getting the exceeded size limit error. What you can do is trim your video into small parts and makes it around 25 MB in size. Now, there won’t be any problem sending those videos. However, you must send them in chronological order to avoid any confusion for the receiver. 

Video Compression

Segmenting the whole video into smaller parts can be a tedious task for you. In such a case, you can compress your video to the size of 25 MB and send it to others without any problem. Also, you can seek help from video converters that will compress its size without compromising its quality. 

Uploading the Video

 If you don’t want to go for the above two methods, there’s another alternative. You can upload your videos to such platforms that allow you for a higher size limit. YouTube can be a great choice where you can upload the video and copy the link and send it to your Friends. They can now easily view it just by tapping the link without any need to download the video. 

How To Send Videos On Facebook Messenger

On Facebook App:

Step 1: Launch Facebook App on your Device and login to your account.

Step 2: Tap and open the Chat of your friend.

Step 3: Now, tap the Photo icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Find and Select the Video you want to send to your friend.

Step 5: Tap Send icon once the video is added.

On PC:

Step 1: On your computer browser, enter Facebook and login to your account.

Step 2: Tap Messenger icon at the top of your screen.

Step 3: Tap and open the chat of the friend you want to share the video with.

Step 4: Tap Photo icon you will find at the bottom of your window screen.

Step 5: Find and Select the video you wish to send to your friend. 

Step 6: Tap Send icon after you have got the video.

That’s All! Now your video will easily be shared with your Facebook Messenger Friend if it doesn’t exceed the size limit of 25 MB.

Wrap Up 

  • How Long of a Video Can You Send On Facebook Messenger 
  • Alternative Ways To Send Long Videos 
  • Segmenting the Video 
  • Video Compression
  • Uploading the Video
  • How To Send Videos On Facebook Messenger

This was all about how long of a video can you send on Facebook Messenger. To send a long video, you can Segment it into smaller parts, compress its size or you can upload it on the other platform and send the link to your friend. Facebook allows you to upload content of upto 4 GB while you get limited to only about 25 MB on Facebook Messenger. So, uploading your file on Facebook and asking your friend to watch it there can also be a great alternative. 

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