How Does Instagram Suggest Friends?

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Wonder, how Instagram suggestions for you work and how you can use them to improve Instagram suggest friends feature? Instagram is considered an ideal social platform for sharing images and video posts. Here, people interact with the profile they find comparatively most engaging and interesting among the others and usually end up following them.

Instagram offers several exciting features in order to increase users’ engagement and keep them coming over and over. One of them, for instance, is the ‘Suggested For You’ feature that shows people you might know and are likely to be your friends. Or they can be friends of your friends.

Instagram ‘suggested for you’ feature works depending on some crucial points. They include what users have previously been following and interacting with most, their phone contacts, what they like, their recent activities, what they watch and are interested in most, their search history, etc. And once the Instagram algorithm did analyze such details, it suggests friends who have much higher chances to see the profile and follow them.

We are going to cover in this article how Instagram suggestions for you work and how you can use them to improve Instagram suggest friends feature. In addition, we will guide you on how to disable the finding and suggest friends feature on Instagram.

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How Does Instagram Suggest Friends Work?

Like other social media, Instagram also monitors what its users do on the platform. It includes every single activity, from minor ones to big ones.

With such details of the users, the Instagram algorithm keeps watching your actions and updates the “Suggested for You” section accordingly. However, it also follows a few other metrics such as:

Phone Contacts

Instagram asks you to grant permission to access your phone contacts while creating an account. If you have allowed it, Instagram will suggest to you contacts who are available on the platform that you may want to follow.

Your Searches

Your search history on Instagram plays a vital role for the algorithm that uses it to predict your possible moves. When you search for something on Instagram, you get similar recommendations of profiles and pages suggested for you section.


Hashtags are also directly linked to the accounts you get recommendations. Using specific hashtags shows you the profiles that are used by the same potential users.

 Mutual Friends

Your friends follow other people on Instagram. Some of them you might know and want to be friends with them.

The same is true when you notice your very old friends appearing on your suggested friends list. In such a case, some of your friends might follow them.

Linked Accounts

If you have linked your Facebook to Instagram, you will likely get more friend suggestions than others.

How To Find the Suggested Friends On Instagram

In most cases, Instagram suggests friends automatically while you use the platform. You may have noticed them in your feeds, profile, under the following or follower section, on your friend’s profile, and others.   

To view your suggested friends manually, follow the guide below:

  • Launch the Instagram application and tap your profile icon at the bottom to go to your profile page.
  • Tap Edit Profile button at the upper.
  • Tap Discover People option next to the Edit profile button. It is indicated by a small icon with a person and plus sign.
  • You will now see your suggested friends list. You can follow them by tapping the follow button appearing on their profile.

To connect your Facebook account to Instagram, tap the Connect button at the top of the screen.

How To Find the Suggested Friends On Instagram Feed

The first screen you see on your Instagram is called your homepage feed. Here, you view several things, including the posts from the profiles you follow.

To view suggested friends, start scrolling down slowly. You will most likely notice the ‘Suggested for you” section with profiles appearing under it. To view more, you need to Swipe left or tap the See All option.

How To Disable the Suggest Friends On Instagram 

Some of you might not like the idea of getting suggested friends on the homepage. However, you can disable the feature whenever you want to.

  • On your Instagram, navigate to your profile.
  • Find and tap the Edit profile option at the top.
  • Scroll down and locate the “Similar Account Suggestions”. Now untick the checkbox and save the changes.

That’s all! Instagram will not suggest you, friends, anymore. To re-enable the suggest for you feature, follow the same steps and tick the checkbox.

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