What Does “Grey X Next to A Snapchat Name” Mean 2022?

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Wonder, What does Grey X next to a snapchat name mean? Recently, many Snapchat users noticed a grey X icon in their Snapchat conversations next to users’ names.

This little X icon has raised many questions inside the users’ heads. So, what does this indicate? Is it Good or Bad?hat

Snapchat offers a wide range of Cool and Exciting emojis that you can use while chatting with your friends. However, the Snapchat team has not disclosed any information about this grey X icon yet. And users are very eager to know about this.

Here we are about to cover what does the Grey X Next to A Snapchat Name Mean. Furthermore, what does it indicate and how to fix it.

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Meaning of Grey X Icon Next to A Name on Snapchat Conversation
As of now, this little X icon has only been noticed on Snapchat Android users.
Here’s What it means:

  1. They have removed you from the Friends list. It means you no longer remain their friend.
  2. The second reason is that you have removed them from your Friends list.

Whenever you send any message to your friend that shows a grey X icon next to their name, they will not receive your message. Moreover, you won’t receive their messages if they try to send you something.

Earlier, a similar situation was shown as “Pending” below the users’ names on Snapchat Conversations.

How to Fix this Issue & Remove the X Icon

  1. Make sure you have added that person to your Friends list.
  2. Check out if they have removed you from their Friends list. If they have removed you, ask them to add you back.

Once you have confirmed both of these, the Grey X Icon will automatically disappear. You may need to reopen the Snapchat App again.

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