How to Get Rid Of Notes On Instagram

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Recently, Instagram has been launching a new feature called Notes since the month of June. However, it is still in its testing phase, and only some selected users have been given access to use on their Instagram. It’s probably going to take some time before the Notes feature becomes available for all users globally. So let’s explore what Notes are and how to get rid of Notes on Instagram.

Many people have shared their views and opinions regarding Instagram Notes feature on different social media platforms. With this recent update, some users have liked this new feature, while others had an overall negative impact. 

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Notes Feature on Instagram Explained 

Like WhatsApp has the Message Disappearing feature, Notes on Instagram are quite the same temporary messages that users can share with their friends. It is worth noting that the notes will automatically disappear when it completes the cycle of 24 hours. You can select people (Close friends or followers) with whom you want to share your notes. 

Currently, users can share a note with a limitation of 60 characters only. 

Instagram notes appear in the direct message at the top of the screen. So, your friends’ notes are easily visible in your Direct Messages. Also, your friends can see the notes sent by you in their chats section. If an Instagram user responds to your notes, the response comes in your message box. 

Can You Turn OFF Notes on Instagram?

You may be wondering whether it is possible to get rid of the Notes feature on Instagram. As mentioned above, the notes feature is still running in the testing phase. So, Instagram will decide whether to keep the Notes or to remove them depending if enough people are giving negative feedback. 

However, it is not possible to get rid of the notes feature from Instagram if you are using the updated version. Instagram users may get an option to turn it off in the future. 

A more convenient way to remove the notes feature involves using an older version of the Instagram app. Also, note that other cool features that Instagram has rolled out later might not be available on the older version of Instagram. 

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