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Freepik is a popular image site where you can access over 25 million graphic resources for free. They offer various interesting features on the platform such as downloading pictures, illustrations, vectors, PSDs, and other kinds of images. We will share in this article, Free Freepik Premium Accounts. 

Freepick was founded in 2010 and they followed the idea of providing free graphic resources to designers around the world. The platform has become one of the major leading brands which have millions of users from all over the world. It also includes some known companies such as Amazon, FedEx, Microsoft, and Spotify. 

The platform follows the freemium model means you can access much of its content for free. However, if someone purchases the premium version, they can access more exclusive resources and get unlimited downloads without any restrictions. 

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How To Get a Free Freepik Account

Follow the guide to get a free account:

Step 1: On your browser, enter

Step 2: Tap Sign up button appearing on the screen.

Step 3: You’ll get three different options to sign up including Email, Facebook, and Google.

Step 4: Select any of the given options and complete the sign-up process.

Is Freepik Free?

Yes, Freepik is free and you aren’t required to pay any money to use their features. Users need to provide a link to attribute the source. You need to copy the given link and paste it into an appropriate place where it is visible to others. The best you can do is paste the link close to the image and provide credits to the source. 

However, you can use their resources without giving attribution. You need to buy the Freepik premium version where you can use all of their resources and get unlimited downloads, unlimited speed, fast server, and more. 

Freepik Premium starts from $9 to $15 per month. You can purchase their packs and gets access to millions of graphics resources.

Free Freepik Premium Accounts

This article contains free freepik premium accounts. Some of them have 1 month while others have 12 months of free premium memberships that you can use for free. If you aren’t able to sign in to an account means other people have changed the password. Or the account has been blocked or deleted by the platform for some reason. If an account doesn’t have a premium subscription, it could mean that the subscription has expired. 

Email addressPassword
[email protected]egwere215
[email protected]39kristin82
[email protected]lifelive16
[email protected]illuminatih
[email protected]weofiw29
[email protected]b33lzbeatz
[email protected] jdonnie626
[email protected]gzr2165gzr
[email protected]pmogish23
[email protected]catgrev222
[email protected]reinr8996
[email protected]jameshfisher
[email protected]seanricketts7
[email protected]asantejacob
[email protected]havohut737
[email protected]yayora9151
[email protected]dahiw38990
[email protected]retabi3742
[email protected]telake934
[email protected]jitaiec882
[email protected]tevel31619
[email protected]bivohaj904
[email protected]juyvbn1931
[email protected]nuly0184
[email protected]aoxhn8618
[email protected]winky2072
[email protected]suahb3701
[email protected]oinmc9152
[email protected]jhauw1620
[email protected]kaplai9174
[email protected]loiaa3864
[email protected]pojsnm5619
[email protected]oimhai4912
[email protected]eshdv8204
[email protected]qdnua7322
[email protected]wufns9218
[email protected]timju5129
[email protected]onzmi0618
[email protected]koplmi2533

Wrap Up

  • How To Get a Free Freepik Account
  • Is Freepik Free?
  • Free Freepik Premium Accounts

You can use any of the listed email IDs and passwords to log in to freepik and access the premium features. Also, you don’t need to verify those email addresses. They have already been verified. To get more free freepik premium accounts, you’ll have to wait for some time as we’ll add more of them in the future. 

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