Fix: YouTube Keeps Signing Out of Xbox Issue

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So, how to fix YouTube keeps signing out of Xbox issue? Well keep reading and you will find the solutions very soon!

YouTube is a globally famous online video streaming platform available as an App and web version. In recent years, YouTube has added more features, including live streams, community feeds, and more.

You can access YouTube on any device as long it has an internet connection and a display feature. Moreover, there are devices designed specifically for YouTube, such as touchphones, smart TVs, and consoles.

However, a few days back, several users are facing issues with the YouTube App. They are automatically getting logged out from YouTube.

Some users reported that while watching YouTube on their Xbox, the app get stops or crashes every time they open the YouTube app.

Following logging out from the YouTube app, they have to log in using the code on the YouTube Activate Website. But they stay logged in until they close the app or use it for an hour. After one hour, they automatically get the log out from the app.

We will discuss in this article why YouTube app keeps logging out of the Xbox and how to fix the issue.

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Why YouTube App Keeps Logging Out of the Xbox?

YouTube App logging out error or the 403 rate _limit_exceeded error can happen due to various reasons. They include:

  • A glitch or bug issue in the YouTube App
  • You have not Updated the YouTube app for a long time.
  • You have issues with your internet connection.
  • You attempted too many log-ins in the YouTube App in a short time.
  • There’s a glitch or bug issue in the Xbox.

How To Fix YouTube logging out of Xbox Issue?

If you are getting the YouTube app not working issue, there are high chances of some bug or glitch issue in the YouTube App. Or the YouTube app server is temporarily down due to overloading, and the YouTube team might already know the problem and is working to resolve the issue. 

However, if you are out of patience and want to try some fixes to resolve the problem on your own, you can follow the tips given below.

Method 1: Log Out and log in to the YouTube App 

To Fix the YouTube App issue, first, you need to log out from the app and then log back into the app after a few minutes. 

Method 2: Update YouTube

If you are using an older version of the YouTube App, update it to the latest version. Sometimes previous versions fail and do not work perfectly. 

So, if your YouTube App version is outdated, it won’t work properly. Also, it is causing you to miss out on the other features that come with the latest version.

Method 3: Clear YouTube App Cache

Most of the time, when there is any issue that occurs with the YouTube App, clearing the app cache can resolve it. 

Method 4: Restart Your Device

If any above solutions are not working for you, the problem might be in your device, not YouTube App. 

So, close your device, then restart it after a few minutes.

Method 5: Delete and Re-install YouTube App

Method 6: Disable VPN

If you are using VPN, disconnect it and then try using the YouTube app after some time.

Method 7: Switch Between Wi-Fi and Mobile 

If you use Wi-Fi, turn off your router and connect your mobile data as a hotspot and see if there’s any difference.

Method 8: Contact YouTube or Xbox Support Team

Method 9: Wait For Sometime Until YouTube Fix The Bug

If the YouTube App is not working even after you have tried all the above methods indicates there is some bug or glitch issue in the YouTube App, or the YouTube App server is temporarily down. The YouTube Team may be already aware and have started working to resolve the issue.

So that was all about how to fix YouTube keeps signing out of Xbox issue.

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