Fix: You May Only View Analytics About Your Own Tweet

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Twitter Analytics is a helpful tool to view the stats of the performance of your posts, profile, users’ engagement, likes, shares, followers, and more. The platform allows you to use the tool for personal and professional accounts where the dashboard might differ depending on which one you have. In this article, we will discuss what you may only view analytics about your own tweet error and how you can fix it. 

The Twitter dashboard has several importance. You can access your reporting dashboard on both desktop and mobile devices, the latter shows you the data of per-tweet analytics only. However, it does help them know the number of interactions or views each tweet received, working as a useful metric. 

A few days back, many users reported Twitter analytics is not working on their device and not showing accurate data. On multiple attempts, users get an error message saying, “you can only view analytics about your own tweet.”

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What Does “You May Only View Analytics About Your Own Tweet” Mean on Twitter?

When someone receives the ‘You may only view analytics about your own tweet’ error on Twitter, it suggests you cannot view the analytics data properly or nothing at all as it may be going under a maintenance mode. Or it likely has a bug or a glitch issue. 

As per updates, the problem of Twitter analytics not working is for a couple of days. The Twitter Support Team has not released any words on the current matter, while people are expressing their frustration by tagging Twitter and writing long-form annoying messages. 

Why Does “You May Only View Analytics About Your Own Tweet” Show on Twitter?

Below are the possible reasons why you may be getting the error on your Twitter account:

  • Your account is not 14 days old
  • Your account violated Twitter Policy
  • Your Twitter account is deleted, restricted, or suspended temporarily
  • Twitter has a bug or glitch issue 
  • Twitter server is slow or down currently
  • Twitter is banned in your region
  • Twitter is going under maintenance mode

How To Fix “You May Only View Analytics About Your Own Tweet”?

Unfortunately, there’s no official news on why the error occurred and what is its root cause or origin. In such a case, the best option is to wait till Twitter fixes the issue. You will be informed on social media when the situation comes under control. 

In the time left, however, you may want to try some different approaches and see whether you can fix the issue on your own. You can follow the below methods and see if it works for you. 

Method 1: Delete and Reinstall Twitter App

To Fix Twitter Analytics error, you first need to delete and then reinstall the Twitter application. In most cases, uninstalling and reinstalling can resolve the issue.

So, open your device and uninstall/ remove the app from your phone and then reinstall again after a few minutes and see if Twitter app is working or not. 

Method 2: Log Out and login into the Twitter App

You need to log out from the app and then log back after a few minutes. 

Method 3: Update the Twitter App to its Latest Version

If you are using an older version, update it to the latest version. Sometimes previous versions fail and do not work correctly. 

Method 4: Check your Internet Connection

Make sure your Wi-Fi or mobile data is working properly. Use some tools to see whether your internet speed is good and stable.

Method 5: Restart Your Device

If any above solutions are not working for you, the problem might be in your device, not Twitter App. 

So close your device, then restart it after a few minutes.

Method 6: Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN on your phone while logging into the Twitter app, turn your VPN off. Try it again without any VPN connection.

Method 7: Contact Twitter Support Team

Summing Up

This was all about how to fix the Twitter Analytics error. Here’s a quick summary of what we just discussed above:

  • What Does You May Only View Analytics About Your Own Tweet Mean on Twitter
  • Why Does You May Only View Analytics About Your Own Tweet Show on Twitter
  • How To Fix You May Only View Analytics About Your Own Tweet
  • Delete and Reinstall Twitter App
  • Log Out and Login into the Twitter App
  • Update the Twitter App to its Latest Version
  • Restart Your Device
  • Disable VPN
  • Contact Twitter Support Team

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