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WhatsApp single tick means that the message is successfully sent from your end but hasn’t been delivered yet. Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the most preferred social media platform with billions of active users worldwide. We are here to help you to get rid of the problem of How to Fix WhatsApp Single Tick But Online.

WhatsApp single tick is not a huge problem to deal with but a temporary bug. In the past few weeks, many WhatsApp users reported that it shows their friends’ status online, but only one grey tick will appear below their text.

In this article, we will cover everything about How to Fix WhatsApp Single Tick But Online.

So, let’s get started.

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How To Fix WhatsApp Single Tick But Online Meaning

That is basically, an issue users are facing right now

You may have noticed that sometimes WhatsApp shows an “Online” status even if someone isn’t using the app.

When you feel bored or want to connect with your closed one, then WhatsApp is an easy way to send a message or photo without paying a dime. Sometimes, when a user turned off their internet connection, WhatsApp shows you they are currently online. But, in reality, they are not online if it displays you a single check mark. That is just a small issue.

What is the meaning of Single Tick in WhatsApp: When you send a message to your friend, but he/she hasn’t received it yet. This happens because they turned off their Internet connection or Wi-Fi is off.

That is just a small bug from WhatsApp and has been there for a week. 

How to Fix

You can’t fix these issues from your side. For sure, you have to wait until the WhatsApp Support Team finds an issue and fixes it on their own.

Below are some fixes you may try:

Close the App: If you are confronting this issue, simply close the WhatsApp app, remove it from your recent apps and then open the app again. Now, most probably you won’t face the issue. 

The above method has had tested using multiple devices, and it works well.

Update the App: Make sure that you are currently using the latest version of the WhatsApp app. The latest version of any app is free of issues and glitches. 

Use WhatsApp Web: If both ways didn’t work for you, try using WhatsApp web, I think this way, you may get rid of the WhatsApp Single Tick But Online issue. 

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