Fix: Support code c14a Snapchat Error 2022

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So, you are also facing the Support code c14a Snapchat error? Well, as per the recent updates, the bug is said to be relatively new and has just come to notice. However, it is still uncertain to define the origin of the Snapchat support code c14a error, experts are trying to find its cause and how to fix it.

Different forums and websites have different views and explanations for why the support error code shows on Snapchat. 

As of now, several sources and websites are claiming to know the root cause and origin of the cited issue, but they all have some vague explanations.

Yet the Snapchat technical team is already aware of the issue and is conducting their research and trials to find a permanent solution. 

In this article, we will discuss why Support Code c14a Snapchat error is occurring and some potential fix you may want to try. 

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What Does “Support Code c14a Snapchat” error Mean?

Support Code c14a is a new error detected in Snapchat just a few days back. The Snapchat technical team has not disclosed much information about it. 

As per reports, no source or website is able to properly find the root causes and the origin of the support code c14a error on Snapchat. 

Why Support code c14a Snapchat error Occurred?

Support code c14a Snapchat error shows on your device includes various possible reasons behind its continuous failing and improper functioning. The reasons are:

  • There could be a bug or glitch in Snapchat.
  • The Snapchat server is too slow or down currently.
  • You have not updated the Snapchat app for a long time. 

How To Fix the “Support Code c14a” Error On Snapchat?

If you are getting the support code c14a error on Snapchat, there are high chances of some bug or glitch issue in the app. Or the Snapchat app server is temporarily down due to overloading, and the Snapchat team might already know the problem and is working to resolve the issue. 

However, if you are out of patience and want to try some fixes to resolve the problem on your own, you can follow the tips given below.

Method 1: Log Out and log in to the Snapchat App 

To Fix the Snapchat support code c14a error issue, first, you need to log out from the app and then log back into the app after a few minutes. It may fix the issue and the Snapchat App works fine. 

Method 2: Delete and Reinstall SNAPCHAT App

To Fix the Snapchat support code c14a error, you need to uninstall the Snapchat App, then re-install it. Sometimes, deleting and re-installing the Snapchat App can resolve the issue. 

So, remove the app from your phone, and after that, re-install it again.

Method 3: Update your SNAPCHAT App To Fix Support Code c14a

If you are using an older version of the Snapchat App, update it to the latest version. Sometimes previous versions fail and do not work perfectly. 

So, if your Snapchat App version is outdated, it won’t work properly. 

Also, updating the Snapchat App to the latest version will avoid bug issues in the app. 

 Method 4: Clear Snapchat App Cache

Most of the time, when there is any issue occurs with the Snapchat App, clearing the app cache can resolve it. 

To fix the Snapchat support code c14a error issue, you need to clear the Snapchat App cache. 

Here’s our guide below:

For iPhone Users

Step 1: Go to your iPhone system settings.

Step 2: Select General.

Step 3: Now, find the Snapchat App and tap on it. 

Step 4: Click iPhone Storage

Step 5: Click the Offload App button, then Re-install the Snapchat App.

For Android Users

Step 1: Go to your Android system settings.

Step 2: Select Apps.

Step 3: You need to find the SNAPCHAT App, then click on it. 

Step 4: Click Clear Cache

That’s All! your app cache is now removed. Check if the Snapchat App has started working again or not. 

Note: The settings or steps shown here may vary by software version and the phone model.  

Method 5: Restart Your Device

If any above solutions are not working for you, the problem might be in your device, not Snapchat App. So, close it and restart your device.

After doing this, your Snapchat App will start working again as usual. 

Method 6: Contact the Snapchat Support Team

You can contact the Snapchat support team as they might give some solutions to the issue. 

Method 7: Wait For Sometime Until Snapchat Fix The Bug

If the Snapchat App is not working even after you have tried all the above methods indicates there is some bug or glitch issue in the Snapchat App, or the Snapchat App server is temporarily down.


As of now, the Snapchat Team is already aware, and they might already have started working to resolve the issue. In this case, users have the option only to wait till the bug gets removed. 

Once the problem gets fixed by the SNAPCHAT technical team, they will inform us. 

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