Fix: PayPal App Keeps Crashing Or Freezing

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So, you are also having troubles with PayPal App. Many users recently encountered a new issue on the payment platform. PayPal App keeps crashing or freezing and showing no data to the users. For some users, PayPal App not loading or getting login issues. While others are getting a black screen and are unable to send or receive money or make any online payment. In this article, you’ll learn why PayPal App Keeps Crashing Or Freezing and methods to fix it. 

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Why PayPal App Keeps Crashing Or Freezing?

Below are the possible reasons why users are facing issues with the app:

  • PayPal server is slow or down currently
  • You have issues with your PayPal account
  • Glitch or Bug Issue 
  • Internet Connectivity issue i.e. Wi-Fi or Mobile Data
  • Your Device is not compatible with the app
  • You did not update PayPal App in a long time
  • The platform is currently under the maintenance mode
  • You accidentally deleted your app data

How To Fix PayPal App Not Working?

Method 1: Check For Stable Internet Connection

Unstable internet connection can be the cause for taking much longer time than needed to load the app. Make sure your Wi-Fi or mobile data is working properly by restarting your router or your phone. 

Method 2: Try Closing and Reopening PayPal App

Close the app and then wait for a few minutes before you try to open the app again.

Method 3: Check PayPal Server is Down or Not

The reason behind PayPal app crashing could be the server down issue. To check if it’s true, go to downdetector, search for PayPal and see if other people have also reported the same problems. 

Or you can go on Twitter and search for “PayPal down” and you get some latest tweets for the same, the down server issue might be true. In such a case, users can’t do anything and they’ll have to wait till it gets resolved by the technical team.

Method 4: Logout and Login into PayPal App

First, log out from the PayPal App and then wait for sometime before you log back into it.

Method 5: Clear App Cache

For iPhone Users

Step 1: Go to your iPhone system settings.

Step 2: Select General.

Step 3: Now, find the PayPal App and tap on it. 

Step 4: Click iPhone Storage

Step 5: Click the Offload App button, then Reinstall the PayPal App.

For Android Users

Step 1: Go to your Android system settings.

Step 2: Select Apps.

Step 3: You need to find the PayPal App, then click on it.  

Step 4: Click Clear Cache

Method 5: Delete and Reinstall PayPal App

To Fix the PayPal App issue, remove the app from your phone, and reinstall it again.

Method 6: Update the app to Latest Version

If you are using an older version, update it to the latest version. Sometimes previous versions fail and do not work correctly. 

Method 7: Check Your Device Compatibility With PayPal App 

Mobile applications are updated every other week to improve user experience and add new tools and avoid bugs or glitches. In such a case, if your device is too old, it might not match the requirements of the new app. 

To see whether your device is compatible with the PayPal App, you can install and use it on any other device for a while and see if it is working smoothly. 

Method 8: Restart Your Device

If any above solutions are not working for you, the problem might be in your device, not PayPal App. So close your device, then restart it after a few minutes.

Method 9: Turn Off VPN 

If you are using a VPN on your phone while logging into the PayPal App, turn your VPN off. Try it again without any VPN connection. 

Method 10: Contact PayPal Support Team

Contacting their support team and asking for help is the last thing you can try. You can try explaining to them about your problems and they will surely give you some better instructions to solve the issue. 

Summing Up

Take a glance at the methods that we discussed in our article.

  • Check for a stable internet connection
  • Try closing and reopening the PayPal App
  • Check PayPal server is down or not
  • Clear PayPal App cache
  • Logout and login into PayPal App
  • Delete and Reinstall PayPal App 
  • Update PayPal App to the latest version 
  • Check your device compatibility with PayPal App
  • Restart your device
  • Disable/Turn off VPN
  • Contact PayPal support team

This was all about how to fix PayPal App crashing or freezing. If you are still facing issues after trying all the above methods means there is a bug or glitch in the app. Now you will have to wait till they fix it. Meanwhile, you can check down detector or Twitter for the latest updates regarding the same. 

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