How to Fix Instagram Privacy Check Message – Checkpoint Required

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On Thursday morning, April 21, 2022, People started having Issues with their Instagram Mobile app. A Privacy Check Message or Checkpoint Required, Started appearing on the top of the feed of many Instagram Users. In some cases, just a Black Screen Appeared while using the Instagram App.

In any of the cases, It is preventing the Instagram users to use the app properly, and many people don’t know how to fix this.

 Acc. to reports, Both iPhone and Android users are facing this problem. Many of them Tweeted about the issues and tried to report them to Instagram. As of now, the Instagram team has not told any specific reason behind this, and they are currently working on it.

However, we have come up with some possible ways that may help to fix this Instagram Privacy Check message issue.

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What is “Instagram Privacy Check Message – Checkpoint Required”

The reason behind the appearance of these messages is likely to be a global Bug on the Instagram app. It means that there is nothing wrong with your phone or internet connectivity.  

Thus, the problem of bugs is quite common on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

The Instagram team is aware of the bug, and they have already started to fix this. Soon, Your Instagram app will start functioning well again. 

5 Best Methods to Fix Instagram Privacy Check Message or Checkpoint Required    

Method 1: Close the app and reopen it.

Method 2: Log out of your Instagram app and log back into it.

Method 3: Restart your device, then launch the Instagram app.

Method 4: Update your Instagram app if you haven’t done it.

Method 5: Uninstall the Instagram app and then reinstall it. Many people reported that doing that helped them to fix the issue.

If you are still having the issue after trying all of the above methods, the last option you have left is to try using Instagram Web. It may not occur on the Instagram web.

So, you can log into your Instagram account using any browser of your choice until the bug gets fixed.  

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