How to Block and Unblock On BeReal?

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So in this article, we will discuss how to block someone on BeReal and how to unblock someone on BeReal. BeReal app is the new trend when it comes to sharing photographs without the use of any filters and effects. The platform uses a simple yet powerful idea – show your real self to the world without worrying much. They help users outcome the fear of not looking good and accept the way they are.

BeReal users are required to post pictures of their immediate surroundings within 2 minutes of window time. And this idea has fascinated a lot of people because of this unique and innovative way of personality enhancement. You can use the platform to share the unfiltered and realistic beauty of your life with the people of the same community.

However, the BeReal app offers many features and tools to improve user experience and provide a friendly environment on the platform. One of them is the block feature that helps to remove someone if they do something offensive to you.

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How To Block On BeReal?

Below are the steps to block someone on BeReal:

Launch BeReal application on your device.

Locate or go tothe user profile you want to block.

After locating the person who wants to block, tap on their profile.

Tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right.

Select Block option from the menu.

Confirm by tapping the Block option appearing on the popup.

You have successfully blocked the person. Now they will not be able to see your activity on BeReal. However, it is worth noting that first, you have to post BeReal in order to discover other people on the platform.

How To Unblock On BeReal?

Once you have learned how to block on BeReal, follow the steps to unblock someone on BeReal.

Launch BeReal and tap your profile icon on the right corner of the screen.

Tap the three-dots menu in the upper right.

Select Blocked Profiles option from the menu.

You will now see the list of the people you blocked earlier on BeReal.

Tap or select the profile you want to unblock.

Tap unblock option on the popup that appears.

That’s All! You can now easily block or unblock someone on BeReal following the method above.


For blocking someone on BeReal, find the person you wish to block -> tap to their profile icon -> tap on the three dots in the upright corner -> hit on the Block button -> Now, you successfully blocked the person.

If you want to unblock the person on BeReal, Enter into your profile by tapping on the right corner -> Tap on the three dots -> Select Blocked profiles -> Choose the person you wish to Unblock on BeReal -> Tap on Unblock -> Now, you successfully unblocked the person.

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