What Does Baddie Mean On Instagram?

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With the advent of social media, new terms or trends emerge every week. Nowadays, Baddie is taking over all the social media including Instagram. The term “Baddie” refers to someone who shares the quality of being flawless. They have good taste in dressing, make-up, styles, new fashion, and other that makes them impeccable. In short, they are perfect in every matter of looks and aesthetics. In this article, we will discuss what does Baddie mean on Instagram and how to get a Baddie look.

What Is An Instagram Baddie?

An Instagram Baddie is a woman who carries attractive and desirable features in their appearance. She always looks flawless and follows the latest wearing trends. Baddies are self-dependent on their makeup and are known for having more than just an aesthetic look.

It is a slang term coined by netizens to describe such people. An individual can gain so much attention to their appearance if they have the perfect blend of class and badass. These qualities make someone unique and interesting from the rest.

What Does It Mean To Be a Baddie On Instagram?

A Baddie doesn’t get down from others’ beliefs and opinions for her. She stands out in such thoughts and stays proud of her lifestyle. There have been cases when baddie celebrities involve in immoral and annoying behavior. Though, only a few work hard to maintain it as a persona on Instagram.

Why Do People Follow Baddies On Instagram?

It is more related to an individual’s interest. Since you can never be sure what makes someone attractive to others, people can have different likes and opinions. A baddie personality receives more attraction because of having a different social instinct.

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What Builds a Baddie Look?

Below are a few important factors that help you build a baddie look:

Criteria 1: Clothing 

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and several other YouTube beauty gurus are one of the most influential figures of the baddie aesthetic. The idea here is simple – one has to reflect their strong, independent, and assertive side.

Thus, having a good sense of clothing matters the most. Some of which can include:

  • Camo Pants
  • Crop Tops
  • Bodysuits
  • Tube Tops
  • Tight Jeans
  • Sweatpants and Hoodies
  • Sneakers or Tennis Trainers

Any outfit that raises compliments for your muscles or curves is usually enough. Therefore, one might need to worry much about having a clothing brand. They do not hold much relevance if you can get the desired look anyway.

Criteria 2: Hair

A Baddie can have a different hairstyle, especially if you are a woman. Earlier, it was more popular to have braids with color, but curly or wavy wigs can help you gain the look without going for a permanent modification of the hairstyle.

Other styles include ponytails, barrettes, curly hair, and waves. If you do the design right, achieving the baddie look with dark-colored hair scarves wouldn’t be a big issue.

Criteria 3: Makeup and Eyebrows

Having Perfect makeup and eyebrows is crucial for nailing the baddie look. To build it, one should carefully consider the foundation, lip gloss, concealer, and wing eyeliner in a way that suits their skin type.

Long falsies and bright color tones are recommended if you have short eyebrows. A dewy makeup set will also do good if you want a quick swipe and avoid spending hours with a makeup artist.

Criteria 4: Accessories

Baddies can improve their creativity with accessories. While teeth implants, rings, and chokers are a go-to, pictures with piles of money and movie add value. Making bold poses with everyday items can help you earn a lot of clouts. This isn’t all about wealth creation but conveying an attitude too.

Celebrities Famous For a Baddie Personality

There are thousands of Instagram Baddies who have gained huge audiences. A few of the most famous Instagram Baddies include:

  • Anna Nystrom
  • Ana Cheri
  • David Dobrik
  • Lydia Barakat
  • Tila Nguyen
  • Turner Tenney

Summing Up 

This was all about what does Baddie mean on Instagram. We discussed the following topics in our article:

  • What Is An Instagram Baddie?
  • What Does It Mean To Be a Baddie?
  • Why Do People Follow Baddies On Instagram?
  • What Builds a Baddie Look?
  • Criteria 1: Clothing 
  • Criteria 2: Hair
  • Criteria 3: Makeup and Eyebrows
  • Criteria 4: Accessories
  • Celebrities Famous For a Baddie Personality

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