How to Do Anonymous Questions On Snapchat

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There are so many exciting things you can try out on Snapchat. 

Recently, a trend went viral on the platform known as “Anonymous Questions”. It is where people can send you anonymous messages without revealing their identity. This helps a lot for users to discover what other people feel about them.  

Although people are playing this on Snapchat, the feature is available on a third-party application called Sendit.

You need to do is just download the anonymous Q&A app (sendit) on your device and start using it. 

Here’s our guide on how to do anonymous Questions On Snapchat

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How to Do Anonymous Questions On Snapchat:

Step 1: Go to App Store or Google Play Store and search for “sendit”.

Step 2: Hit the download button and install the app. 

Step 3: Launch the sendit app

Step 4: Now edit the text you wish others to see. You need to click on the edit icon below the words that say, “ask me anything”. You can even make changes to the font style of the text. 

Step 5: Once you have done with all the editing parts, tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 6: It will now urge you to open Snapchat. Open it. 

Step 7: You will be taken to your camera screen along with the sticker you chose from sendit. 

Step 8: Take a picture. 

Step 9: You can now send it to your friends or share it on your story. 

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How to See Anonymous Messages Send by Others to You

To view the messages sent by other users, you need to open the sendit app and check your inbox. If your app notification is turned on, you will receive notifications whenever someone sends you a message. 

A video tutorial on how to use sendit app:

The sendit app also has this feature that lets you know who sent the message. But, you need to purchase the subscription plan to get access to it. 

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