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What Andrew Tate Top G meaning? Andrew Tate is a popular British-American Kickboxer, former Mixed Martial Artist, and Internet celebrity. He was born on December 14, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He has spent the bulk of his career as a Kickboxer and earned wide recognition in the field. 

Later, he made his entry as an Internet Celebrity and came into the highlight after releasing harsh opinions and statements regarding women, such as Sexual assaults and harassment. 

Andrew Tate has been a house guest on the famous reality television show Big Brother 17. Before joining the competition, he used to be a mixed martial artist. He had already planned some excellent ideas for the competition show. He was said to be an “Other Roommate” who had no housemate status and wanted to gain it again. 

Furthermore, the Majority of the audience voted for him to make his temporary relocation to the main house as a task of the hidden challenge, he is yet still an additional roommate with Ryan Ruckledge. Sadly, his plans did not work and failed as soon as he entered the main house with Ryan, they started having disputes with other roommates for their double-dealing. 

However, it can be a little bit difficult to say what jargon is used in social media right now, peculiarly due to the emergence of new acronyms on the Internet. 

Recently, the “Top G” term has come into usage, which was started by the retired kickboxer and martial artists Andrew Tate. 

The “Top G” comment began trending on social platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. The way these apps are designed is not something new that has first come into the trend. 

In this article, we will discuss what Andrew Tate Top G meaning and how “Top G” went viral. 

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What Does the Andrew Tate “Top G” trend Meaning?

 “Top G” is referred to as “Top Gangster” – the one who is feared and respected by other people. 

Top G is the phrase that came into popularity when Andrew Tate talked about it in one of the podcasts. He said that you had to be very proficient in your work field if you wanna be called a “Top G.”

In the English language, the word “Top” simply means highest in rank, position, or degree, and here, “G” is referred to as Gangster.

During one of his podcasts, when the host asked Andrew Tate that he has said many times that he wants to be Top G, can he explain what he means to say by that?

 Then Andrew Tate replied,

Top G” is someone who possesses the capabilities in all REALMS. As his father said “Sheer Indefatigability and Unmatched Perspicacity” made him a strong and feared opponent in all REALMS of human Endeavour. 

So, when someone is a Top G, they are dangerous at everything, and that’s why he wants to be a Top G too. 

For Instance, Imagine If someone says to you, you have to do supercars race with Andrew Tate, you would be like “totally fuc**d.” 

If you have to do a boxing ring fight with Tate, you would be like, ‘Oh! Man’ I have to fight Tate.

If you have to do a debate with Tate, you would say something like, “Please Save me! God, I have to debate Tate.”

So, it does not matter what the task is, as soon as you hear his name, you are going to be like, ‘Oh no! I’m totally Fu***d up now!’ even things you do not know yet, you do not want to compete with me for anything.

That is why he is a Top G. 

In The BrO’Malley Show,Sugar’ said:

“Tate is a man with high values and I think I get his point and his opinions. I am totally agreed with most of what he says. I mean, I really have not noticed one yet that I do not agree with. 

I have not listened to the entire thing, though. I’m a “Top G,” so I understand what he is trying to say. It is all about Status. 

Well, when Tate was saying things about status, I got it. I’m the dude. I’m that guy.”

As per the Andrew Tate podcast, Tate has an IQ of 148. Afterward, the host said his IQ is 140, upon which Tate asked if you call that good. 

Later, they talked about how much IQ makes someone a genius. Some people say it’s 145 and others say it’s 148, depending on how you do it online. 

Andrew Tate said his IQ is 148 and it is incredibly high. He did not attend school and did not study books. He is a totally street-smart man.  

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