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GETTR is a new social media platform based on several modern thinking aspects such as freedom of thought and expression, the right to free speech, removing unwanted political censorship, and “cancel culture.” So, What is Andrew Tate GETTR?

GETTR is available both as a mobile app and web version. Here, you can access a bunch of exciting features that may add benefits to your life. Sharing unfiltered information & news, expressing your thoughts, allowing for unfiltered discourse, outlawing social norms, raising your voice against political threats, and supporting the right to information are a few highlighted features that make the platform unique and better than the rest.

There’s no doubt that GETTR is a safe place to exchange ideas without any worry. There have been cases when people get their social accounts banned for many reasons. For instance, the British-American kickboxer and internet celebrity Andrew Tate had over 4.5 million Instagram followers and more than 600k YouTube subscribers. But this did not last long as he got banned and removed after his “Tate Speech” videos. 

Even on TikTok, more than 14 billion videos using his hashtag failed and did nothing at all. 

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Andrew Tate GETTR Username, Profile

After his removal from other social media, the celebrity decided to move to GETTR in January 2022. Currently, he has more than 75,000 GETTR followers with a verified account. He managed to recover some of his old Instagram & YouTube videos. You can view the remaining of his work on his profile. 

Andrew Tate GETTR account username is @cobratate.

You can access his GETTR profile using this link:

Andrew Tate goes live where his fans ask him about his past work, current projects, and upcoming shows. You may want to join his next life on GETTR, TATE IS HERE TO STAY.

One of his most famous quotes, “I own the two thing they definitely need: youth and energy; not some political bulls**t” – The TOP G, Andrew Tate said. 

Andrew Tate GETTR Quotes

“I achieved so much love in my life. So many people get astonished by my luck and success. So many people adore me and think the best for me. It’s a win, as I have never once disappointed somebody who cares about me. I am blessed.”

“From the second I was born, I focused on personal achievement and exceptionalism. Competition and combat. You had no vision of reality – the biggest reason you fail in comparison.”

“Never let yourself become a hater and if someone bothering you – forget they exist and focus on your current situation. Use your energy and time on your self-improvement and stop thinking about others.”

“I don’t like fancy chess boards. You can’t focus and use your ability to analyze the board. Amateurs enjoy the aesthetics of ornate chess boards while professionals enjoy the aesthetics of basic pieces moving towards victory. The game’s brutality is satisfying and beautiful.”

“Think of your life as a chess game. So, you better construct a clear plan and use the most efficient execution. You don’t need to hide your ability. You better think about becoming solid to counterattack so no one dares to stop you from your goal.”

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