What Does “AF” Mean On Instagram?

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Social media is flooding with many slangs, acronyms and terms. They have gained massive attention and are trending over all social media platforms including Instagram. Slang terms like OMG, LOL, AF, TBT, ONG, YOLO, BFF, became highly popular on the internet and are being used on a wide scale now. However, the term “AF” is at the top of the list. People are using AF like crazy on Instagram. You are most likely to see it on Instagram posts or comments where people express their thought or opinion regarding that. In this article, we will discuss, What Does “AF” Mean On Instagram.

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If you don’t know what meaning does the term has or how to use it, this article is for you. Here, we’ve covered all the details and explained the AF term and how you can use it in your conversation.

What Does “AF” Mean On Instagram?

The slang “AF” on Instagram means “As F*ck.” The speaker usually refers to swearing on something but not exactly swearing. It is also known as “ASF” where its meaning may differ depending on the context of its use. People use slang after an adjective to put its meaning more loudly and clearly. For instance, you might have heard something like “As Hot as f*ck” or “As dangerous as fu*k” or “As high as F*ck.”

Social Media like Instagram is where you are most likely to get this slang. However, it might be new for you but it is common to use among friends especially if you are very close to them.

How To Use AF

Anyone can use AF while texting or chatting with someone. However, they should put it carefully and use it only if they share close relations like friends. The AF slang is used at the end of the sentences to enhance its meaning and make it loud and clear to the listeners or receivers.

People often use the term to sound funny and express their opinion less seriously, like teasing friends, etc. For example, if you say like “Your shirt is wet AF” to your friend, they might take it in a funny way and not feel too bad. However, users should care about not offending someone by making jokes about such things that might affect their relationship with them.

When To Use AF and When Not To Use It?

The slang “AF” is used commonly on social media like chatting with someone, making posts, sharing thoughts in comments, and others. If you two share an informal relationship and are close, there’s no harm in using it.

Yet, you may want to avoid using it in front of an elder or old person as they might get uncomfortable with it. The AF slang contains very strong meaning and is not recommended to use when you are at work, office, and other places where you are more professional than personal. Try not to lower your guard by adding such vulgar words as it will surely affect your relationship with them.

Wrap Up

  • What Does “AF” Mean On Instagram?
  • How To Use AF
  • When To Use AF and When Not To Use It?

This was all about what does “AF” mean on Instagram. The slang AF means “As Fu*k” and is widely used on social media like Instagram. When someone ends their sentences with AF slang, they usually try to express their feelings by focusing on its adjective rather than the whole. It is an informal term that means you can’t add it to your daily conversation. You can only use it while you are with friends or with someone close and open to you.

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