Where Are Advanced Settings On Instagram 2022

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Instagram has its Advanced Settings feature that lets you control your posts. It has several benefits like you can customize your posts using these advanced features. 

Recently, several Instagram users faced difficulty locating the Advanced Settings. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Once we had problems too, now we have got the solutions for them. 

However, Advanced Settings on Instagram is a bit harder to find as it is located somewhere deep inside Instagram.

 So in this article, we will guide you Where are the advanced settings in the Instagram app in 2022. 

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Advanced Settings Features On Instagram

This method works for both iPhone & Android devices.

Note there is no option as “Advanced Settings” on Instagram except on the Feed Post page screen that appears before you make your posts on Instagram. 

Here’s how you can get to it. But first, you need to create a post on Instagram.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app and open your profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Step 2: On your Profile page, click the + icon at the top, then click Post.

Advanced Settings On Instagram

Step 3: Select the picture you wish to post and click the arrow icon in the top-right corner that indicates next, and you will reach for the next process page. 

Advanced Settings On Instagram

Here, you can apply filters to your pictures or skip them and proceed for the next. 

Step 4: You will be taken to the screen where you will see the Advanced Settings option at the bottom. When you tap it, a list of different advanced settings will appear. 

Advanced Settings On Instagram

They include:

Advanced Settings On Instagram

Hide Like and View Counts on this Post: Choose this option to stop people from seeing the total number of likes & view counts on that particular Post.

Turn Off Commenting: This will stop users from making any comments on your post. 

Share Your Posts to Facebook: If your Facebook account is linked with Instagram, you can use this feature to auto-share your posts on Facebook. 

Write Alt Text: It depends on the user whether they want to use this option as it helps people with visual impairments, but it is optional. 

Add Paid Partnership Label: Turning on this option will let you tag your Business Partner. However, this feature may not be available for non-business accounts. 

Minimum Age: You can set a minimum age requirement to let people see your posts. 

Also: The settings and features mentioned above may vary from account to account depending on several factors such as region, account type, etc. 

Is there Advanced Settings for High-Quality Photos?

Sadly, Instagram does not offer any extra features or settings that allow you to adjust your photo quality.

When you upload a photo on Instagram, the resolution gets changes and does not remain the same as it was before uploading. Instagram automatically compresses your photo to a lower resolution than the actual photo quality. 

However, Instagram ensures to upload your photo at the best resolution and maintain the quality as much as possible. You can read about it here.

Advanced Settings To Hide Like and View Counts

Instagram users can hide like & view counts on their posts using the advanced settings feature. To do this, you need to tap the toggle button when the hide like and view counts option appears. 

With this setting, only users can see the total like counts on their photos & total view counts on their video posts. No other user will be able to see how many likes your post has or the view count your video got unless you share your Instagram user id and password with others. 

What Is Alt Text In Advanced Settings On Instagram?

Instagram Alt Text is an optional feature to describe your photo for people who have visual impairments. However, Instagram creates it automatically for its users or you can add them on your own. 

To do that, click the Write Alt Text option, enter your text, then save it. 

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